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Same problem here.

Galaxy Nexus, rooted, 4.2.1, stock browser and Chrome.

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Not sure of the origin, but this run by NFL runningback Marshawn Lynch probably added to the popularity. He's known as beast mode now.

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I wonder if it's tomorrow as in today on the east coast.

Regardless, can't wait.

EDIT: Guess I can wait ha. I've been gone so long I've forgotten I'm not a subscriber anymore.

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Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

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I totally just splurged on this. All this change has made me antsy.

Antsy, I tell you.

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Design blows, Jamie & Adam plastered at the top with no mention of Will & Norm - I'm usually optimistic but this is awful.

I felt bad when I read about GB moving in with GS - now I'm like, hey this might actually be cool.

I was pumped when I saw Adam and Jamie were joining Tested - now I'm like, no, kill this now.

This royally blows.

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Spotify is good. The iOS app (haven't tried Android but I would assume the same) is lacking though. Like, you can't just browse by artist or your albums - you have to create playlists or search everytime you wanna play something. Kinda tedious, so I've made playlists for my favorite albums. The music selection is good, and you can always sync stuff from your PC that's not available on Spotify so you can listen to it whenever. I'm gonna give Rdio a go when my Spotify sub is up though, simply to see if the Rdio app is any better. I'm pretty sure they have 1 month free trials, at least Rdio does, so give that a go.

Also, Google Music isn't a bad alternative. Upload your songs once, have them anywhere, for free pretty much. If you just wanna listen to music you already have uploaded, it's good - not so much searching for any artist or discovering new music, though.

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There was a post on reddit asking this same thing, and the most upvoted service was https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/. I can't say I've tried it, but it seems reliable and a "pay for what you need," way to get the job done. Might wanna check it out.

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So far I've gotten 50% off of any Valve game and 50% off of Cogs. Anyone want the Cogs one? I already have it.