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it's usually a weekly thing. always while playing MW2....hmmm

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It's gotta be the shoes!

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I normally have about a 1.50 K/D ratio. But obviously everyone has their bad days too. Just yesterday I remember joining a match late (about half way through a Sabotage game on Trailer Park) and the other team already had 3 AC130's earned. I didn't have a proper Cold Blooded class set up and everyone else was just clustering around me so needless to say I died as soon as I spawned into the game. I then continued to die while trying to get a good enough distance away from my teammates without ColdBlooded on, however, Trailer Park doesn't leave you much room for running around/away when your team was already getting spawn killed left right and centre. I think i finished the match about 5-0-23. I'm pretty sure thats the worst I've ever done... However, the next match it was my turn and I think I ended up going like 20-10 or something around there. Just have to accept that you can't win 'em all and sometimes the teams just aren't divided equally. 

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"As soon as possible" or "Right fucking now"  
Because I'm not lazy..

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#1,005 here :) and I think it's mainly just because most people don't care enough (or have enough time) to complete the quests. I know I was getting a little impatient when it came time to upload questions 10-20 

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IW gone to shit? You mean "Now that IW isn't handling this title" 
With that being said, I'll probably pick this title up anyways for the Campaign or hopes that they'll bring back another Nazi Zombies style add-on. In light of that...MW2 will remain dominant as my online-multiplayer outlet.
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Fallout: New Vegas!!! 
or Rage!

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Discovered today that Crysis 2 will be ported to 360 and Ps3 consoles on the new CryENGINE3 game engine in true 1080p. Also, I'm really amped at hearing more on Fallout: New Vegas, I'm glad they went ahead and released another full game instead of more DLC (don't get me wrong the DLC for fallout 3 is excellent).  
Another thing I learned of on this site today was about "that game", Demonik from the movie Grandma's Boy, was actually a real project of a game being developed by Majesco based on a storyline created by Clive Barker. This game was to be the followup to the well-received Clive Barker's: Undying and it was to the surprise of many that know one saw this project as worth picking up when lead publisher Majesco ran out of finances.  
Anyways, I'm gunna go try and find some people to play co-op online with on Borderlands (360). Hit me with a FR if you're in. cody wild