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I got trapped in between two of the crimson bears in B3 of Lush Woodlands. No thread.


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"Unusual circumstances" is not the explanation I was led to believe we were getting. Nich pls.

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I can't wait to read this PS Blog, even if it'll mostly be "So in this version, this guy is named...."

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Should share Nich's post about it too, there will be a Ps Blog post incoming, shedding a little light as to why the PSP release "couldn't" come over. He'll talk about the name differences too.


I wrote a PSBlog article about it that will probably go up in a couple weeks, which touches on why the PSP version couldn't happen--and that's a "couldn't," not a "didn't," which is sadly all I'll ever really be able to say. It didn't have anything to do with fears of low sales.

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Sega Bass fishing and Akio Watanabe characters are truly a match made in heaven.

I'm only being half sarcastic. The game looks great. Although I don't think it's really a system seller. What ever floats your boat though.

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In P3P I played as a female protagonist and I bumped boxes with Elizabeth. All the guys sucked on a boneable level.

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Here it is on the white Vita in case anyone was wondering.
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My cat.

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I'll try the PS3 version. I couldn't get into XI at all, but I like what I've seen of this one.