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I might grab Sleeping Dogs on Sunday when I go get my 3DS XL and Mario. The buzz has been enough to get me interested.

Then again I probably won't play it untill I work through some of my backlog, so it's just as well to wait for a price drop. Decisions, decisions.

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While we're putting in request, where's ma Rise?

Also these are awesome. Simple, and to the point.

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Either way I'm glad they at least explained it and pointed it out in the story. It was off putting at first, but grew on me after a while. What a fantastic character.

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I'm 97% positive I head Rise refer to round as 'rebel' like blazblue

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I would've said that Sinde was Alex.

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I don't have much with me since I moved, but I got these two Asuka's the other day kinda by accident thanks to eBay.

I'll get images of the rest of the stuff I got up there, but there isn't much. I have a Figma Aegis on the way.

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It used to bug me because of the stickers on the cases, but EB has since switched to stickers that come off leaving no trace that they were ever there. It's magical, especially if you buy a lot of used.

So now I don't care. This happens a lot for me because I'm frequently late to every party and usually get the last copy of anything.

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Polygon accredited Carrie Fisher to Jay and Silent Bob.

Your joke was much better.

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I'm pretty pleased with Spike being in there, I loved Ape Escape.

Still holding out for Mr Domino. No one can stop him.

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There's this guy who keeps trying to make me look bad at work for no reason I can think of. An Example: I work IT for a civil construction company and had just installed a new printer in the safety trailer on one of our sites. Anyways, this was a new, cheaper printer than out usual Ricoh's we get and it used a different format of address book import, and the safety office was only going to email one of two people and it saves them after you use it once anyways, so I left it be and everyone there was cool with it. So this guy who works in there goes and calls my office extension on a Monday and leaves a voice mail about wanting to get the address book imported into it.

Here's the thing. I have two extensions, one for the main office and one on site. I spend most of the week on site and only one or two days in the office, and everyone in the company knows this and it's made clear on the company extension list that's ON HIS GODDAMN WALL. This guy has seen me, walked through my site office and never once said two words to me on site all week. So Friday rolls around and I get CC'd on a big email to my boss, and the site manager from him bitching about me not doing it for him, and that I never even responded. I literally just sat at my desk for the first time all week and got his message. This wasn't the first time he's gone around and done something like this in a round about way just to make it look like I'm not doing my job.

So I called him out on it. Put the address book in his printer and then explained this to my boss and the HR manager who simply said "don't worry about it he's an asshole". Never had a problem again.

He ends every email with "Please advise" too.

"Please advise" my foot in your ass.