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Slightly disappointed with the lack of Skies of Arcadia in this thread so far. The Dreamcast didn't have that bad of a library in all honesty, it was just terribly overshadowed by the beast we all know and love - the PlayStation 2.

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Ask yourself this: Wakka has the strength to destroy many flying creatures in this game. Why is that when he GUNS a blitzball of Tidus' head not only once, but TWICE (Besaid at the start, the boat to Luca after learning Jecht shot) in the game that Tidus feels no side effects from it? Forget about Sin's toxin, I think we all know the real source of Tidus' brain damage at the start of the game.
Also, mentioning fishing in a Final Fantasy forum? This guy called, he wants his scene back:

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I'll try to put this the best I can. We'll start with Yu Yevon, who is the easiest character to start with for your answer. Yu Yevon was the leader of Zanarkand before it was destroyed 1000 years prior to the game. When he realized how boned his beloved city was due to Bevelle's machina, he took his summoners and they created the Fayth. There are the same Fayth you see in the temples and the final area of Mt. Gagazet before the Zanarkand ruins. When the game comes around, you can essentially consider Yu Yevon as the ultimate Fayth - his aeon being the abomination Sin.
As Yu Yevon was controlling Sin, the remaining Fayth either became the Aeons that you see in the game, or in the case of those in Mt Gagazet's wall - they were dreaming up Tidus' Zanarkand. It's assumed that "Dream Zanarkand" is somewhere far away from the normal world of Spira - at least in a place where it can be accessed by Sin. We never truly know why Jecht gets transported to Spira, but he does. To answer your second question, Jecht became Sin when Braska used him to create the Final Aeon - his form you fought as the "final" boss in the game. The creation of an Aeon so powerful required the strong bond between a summoner and a guardian - in this case Braska and Jecht.
The main reason you kill the Aeons is due to the fact that one was required for Yu Yevon to create a new Sin from it. With the Final Aeon dead, his next best option are your standard Aeons, so they need to die in order to prevent Sin from being recreated. When the Aeons and Yu Yevon are both defeated and sent, there's no reason for the Fayth to stay alive and keep their Dream Zanarkand around. When they stop dreaming, everything related to it disappears - including Tidus.

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If I had to make a list, it's going to be very similar to others. I would love to see the return of FFX's battle system, simply because FFX had some of the more innovative boss fights in the series (think Yunalesca, Seymour Omnis, Spectral Keeper, etc). The RPG genre isn't meant to be very fast-paced unless the game is more action-oriented (think Kingdom Hearts as a baseline here). Also, there's one point I would just love to get across:
I can't be more serious when I talk about how disappointed I was with X-2, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, etc. I don't play Final Fantasy so I can learn more about some other game, I play them because they all have far different stories and worlds. Companies need to realize that fans want original content, not just rehashed games. For all we know, FFXIII could have been the best game in the series if they weren't so focused on making the other two games to go with it.

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I think it's safe to say for some of us that we're to the point in our gaming lives where the story suddenly takes a high priority in RPGs - and this is what causes these newer Final Fantasy games to falter in our minds. FFX, FFXII and FFXIII are all guilty of this - each game seemed to put a lot more emphasis on combat systems rather than the story itself. XIII also seems to take a step back from what X and XII did before it - X gave us a more realistic world without the use of an overworld map, and it worked out good for the most part. XII expanded on this by making some of its areas absolutely massive - you actually felt like you were exploring something between towns, cities, dungeons, etc. XIII just...loses that feeling when you realize you've been in hallways for most of the game. The combat in the game is fine, but the strategy doesn't seem to vary much in most cases (buff up, debuff boss, kill it), which doesn't help considering combat in the series seemed to peak right at FFX. In the case of FFX and FFXII, the combat is a nice distraction from the story - can't really say the same for FFXIII.

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Same here, I'm just saying that Saint was the one that almost sent me to an asylum because of how crazy it was to pull off.

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I feel this is necessary because Vinny went and started the "Ninja Rocket" club. Which of you other gamers out there would like to boast about broken controllers, your many curses toward Otis, and getting food for a fat psychopath?

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Today came the announcement of the Razorback, the Sniper's "solution" to the Spy class. It can only take one backstab and forces you to run slower. Plus, you lose your mid-range combat option with the SMG.

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The first thought that crossed my mind from this was the fact that he's got a Mac in one hand and a PC in the other. Brought back good memories of weapon swapping in Goldeneye to get crazy combos like a Rocket Launcher and a Magnum.  You think Ryan recharges the batteries by moving the laptops out of his field of vision and picking them back up?

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