My Quest to Teach myself to 3D Model. Part 1(?)

When I say teaching myself, I mean I'm not using any tutorials. Now, you might think that's insane and I'm stupid for even trying that, but I have 2 reasons for that. First, I want to challenge myself in my free time because I've got nothing better to do, and secondly, every other time I've tried to 3d model I haven't even gotten a box done because every tutorial I found, I got to a point in it where the thing I was being told to do just would not work, and I didn't know why and it led to me just getting frustrated and giving up almost instantly.

But around a week ago, I decided to give it a go again, no tutorials, just trial and error and looking around 3dsmax and seeing what things do. Now in 1 week, I don't really have much to show for it obviously. But I did get a lot further than I did while using tutorials.

The first model I made was a simple sign. That's it. Here were the results of my first model.

Yup. That's a sign alright.(Some of the texture was stolen from Wind Waker) There are many, many things wrong with it, but hey. I just started a week ago without tutorials!

So next I wanted to make something I could import into Skyrim and actually use with my character. So it was either armor or a weapon, and fuck making armor. So I went with a shield, and I went with a shield from a game I love which has very simple models, OoT. So I went on to attempt to create the Deku Shield. So I tried and tried to figure out what to do, and resisted going to youtube to figure it out, and eventually came up with this.

Now after that, the last model I decided to make(which I started and finished today) was another shield because shields seem simple enough. I'll probably try something a bit more complex later. I went with the Mirror Shield this time, it was a pain in the ass for me and took pretty much all day. All day and not much to show for it :P. My results. I may end up trying to put this one into Skyrim as well. I don't know.

So that's it for now. I'm going to continue trying. But so far going with no tutorials has been pretty good for me.


The Pedestrian Voice Acting -- Nolan North is Everywhere!

One of the first things I noticed in this game was Nolan North. But I seriously was not excepting him to be 2/3 of every ped I seen. On numerous occasions, I even seen him talking to another him. I decided to open up fraps and take a quick video of one of these occasions. 
As much as i like Nolan North. Before the game comes out, they should really cut down on the amount of Nolan least to the point where he doesn't talk to another Nolan North. 
So here you go, here is my proof that they need to cut down on Nolan North a tad. Because this definitely should not happen...ever. Or at least very little, because I've seen this at least 7 times.


60 Things That Make Me Angry

 Well I'm incredibly bored right now. So I might as well make a list of random stuff that pops in my head that I dislike. This seems like a very good time waster. So lets go!
 1. People who don't take "no" for an answer
2. Big Bird  
3. People who hate red heads
4. People who think flashlights are used to make my face brighter for their own pleasure.
5. Morning wood
6. Nose pickers
7. Depressing songs that are over 10 minutes long
8. Men in make-up  
9. Bean salad 
10. People with big cars that never carpool 
11. Squirrels
12. Chia-pets
13. Dragonforce
14. Hardcore Dragonforce fans
15. Children
16. Feminists
17. Cats the Musical
18. Cats
19. The Atkins Diet.
20. People who go crazy for supplies at the grocery store because the news said "Snow warning"
21. Porn that takes itself way too seriously.
22. Over used phrases
23. Pancakes
24. Martial arts students
25. Rent-a-cops
26. Quebec
27. Bono
28. Baked chicken
29. When I am watching a movie and somebody says "did you see that?"
30. Chain letters
31. Teachers who hate teaching
32. Religious people who feel the need to show me the light
33. Everybody Loves Raymond
34. Rachel Ray
35. Dudes with tight jeans
36. E!
38. The number 37
39. When a guitarist smashes a guitar I could only ever hope to afford one day
40. Good Charlotte
41. Using "Shorty" in a song
42. Chavs
43. Smelly people
44. People who eat with there mouth open
46. Big Brother
47. Smokers
48. Running out of toilet paper
49. Coverage of Michael Jacksons death
50. Adult acne
51. Sports commentary
52. Poorly animated cartoons
53. Uwe Boll
54. The people responsible for Sonic The Hedgehog not being done with.
55. Dental assistants 
54. This list 
55. It being hard to come up with things that piss you off
56. Being poor
57. Comedians who are not funny
58. Men who wear makeup
59. People who think they know everything
60. The music in The Sims
Add to it if you wish.


My List of Top 10 Actors

#1: Robert Duvall - He was awesome in The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. He completely immerses himself into all of his roles.
#2: Al Pacino - Also great in the Godfather, also Scarface, and Donnie Brasco
#3: Johnny Depp - He is one of the most versatile actors I've ever seen
#4: Michael Caine - He may have been in some failure movies, but he has been in many greats, such as Sleuth, and Hannah and Her Sisters
#5: Anthony Hopkins - What is there not to like?
           --Too lazy to write anything, so I'll just put names now--
#6: Russel Crowe
#7: Phillip Hoffman
#8: Tom Hanks
#9: Daniel Day-Lewis
#10: Edward Norton

Make your own list if you wish, I'm curious to see what others favorite actors are.

My List of Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos

10)  "One" (Kirk Hammett)
"Mr. Crowley" (Randy Rhoads)

8) "Floods" (Dimebag Darrell)
"Voodoo Child" (Jimi Hendrix)
6) "Crazy Train" (Randy Rhoads)

5) "November Rain" (Slash)
"Free Bird" (Allen Collins, Gary Rossington)
"Eruption" (Eddie Van Halen)
"Hotel California" (Don Felder, Joe Walsh)
"Stairway to Heaven" (Jimmy Page)

Tell me what your choices would be if you would like. And tell me what you think of my list