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@willthemagicasian said:

Honestly, Yukes has like what, over a decade of WWE assets? It's probably cheaper for them to keep them as the developer.

Also this means VGCW can live on.

A decade of shit assets. Yayyyy..... And going into next gen when things need to be redone. In a one off, that TNA game looked and played better on a base level.

Played better? The TNA game played like trash.

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Game didn't look nearly as bad as everybody is making it out to be judging from the QL.

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Don't really like the forum.

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I think the redesign accidentally unbanned me.

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@Green_Incarnate said:

OMG started clapping after the first paragraph. Micheal seems cool.

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@benpicko said:

  • 'Driving is described as an arcade racing game, vs the heavy cars of GTAIV.'


Yeah, kinda crazy, but Dan Houser did say in the article that it is going to scratch the itch of "high level racing games" in a way that GTA has never done before.

I liked the boat cars though. Think I'm the only one.

Nope. I liked it too. I thought the cars handled perfectly, and the people complaining about it just sucked at it.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

Uh... That was actually kind of boring. I was expecting new information about the crazy shit I was gonna do, you know, a little gameplay talk. All they talk about is the characters and setting..

Also they didn't ask about the PC :(

Um...they definitely talk a lot about the characters and setting, but there's a lot of gameplay talk in there too. They aren't going to spill everything right now, they've still got at least six months to continue a steady stream of info.

Also, how has a mod not pulled this down yet? Scans aren't allowed.

That's only for the wiki, is it not?