Clouds are clearing...

I wrote a thread last week about mental health, and I was surprised to see the reactions of the people who replied - so many of you have suffered from mental illness, or you've recovered, or you're looking at getting diagnosed. Yeah, there were some negative stuff in there - I love being told that medication is an easy way out, or that I should embrace my illness as part of me, or even that depression isn't real. But I was glad to see so many like-minded GB users with a story to tell, and it made me feel good to know that I'm really not alone.

I've been on my new dosage of medication for over a week now, and I finally feel like it's making a difference. I feel stronger day by day, I feel like the old me is surfacing somehow and it feels good. Better, actually. I still have times when I feel low, but nothing like I did back in April. I have some more time off work, but I hope to be back after this time, and I can't wait to get back to my normal life.

Don't know what I'd have done without the support of my boyfriend and my mom during this time, and I love them both for it.

So yeah, things are starting to look up for me. Thanks to everyone from the thread for your support too, for the kind words and for telling me your story.

On another subject, I've been playing the hell out of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and I got Pokemon Conquest on Friday (which I haven't touched yet, but I will be dedicating some time to it tomorrow). I hope we get some more DLC for Theatrhythm from FFX, I think we're meant to get either Contest of Aeons and Otherworld - both great songs - I'd just like some more songs to play!

I'm hoping Conquest is an awesome game too, I've been really looking forward to it and I've heard great things. I also managed to get my hands on a Nintendo 3DS XL yesterday at HMV and it is such an awkward console. I have really small hands anyway which didn't help, but it didn't feel good to hold. And the 3D? Not good for my dodgy eyes. My boyfriend had a go too - and even his spade-like hands apparently couldn't hold it properly.

I'll stick with my Zelda 3DS, thanks.

(Also, I'm bored of the Olympics already - thank god I don't live in London!)


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Oh god, this game. This game is surprising, enchanting, wonderful and undeniably beautiful.

I love the music, I love the gameplay, I love the challenge of the Ultimate score, the Dark Notes - there is nothing about this game I don't love. I've got some of the DLC and I'm looking forward to future DLC releases, and I'm working towards unlocking Yuna for my party.

I wish I could review this game, but it would just be gushing like this on and on. I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, most of the FF music is already on my iPod so this game is just my favourite things rolled into one.


Ghost reviews (and why I should stop deleting everything I write)

I originally wrote two reviews when I started on this site - and like a numpty, I deleted them both. (Why? Because they reeked of my ex's negativity - never let your significant other dictate what you enjoy!) I've only just discovered that once you delete any reviews, you can't write a new one for that platform, and the 'ghosts' of your previous reviews remain on your page, despite neither of mine existing on the site anymore.

I got around it by writing my newer review for Final Fantasy X for the PS3, but I guess I won't be able to review Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines now unless I just write it on my blog.

Lesson learnt, I guess.


Music and games

I've listened to music whilst playing games for as long as I can remember - especially on reruns. It goes back to when I played FFX for the second time many years ago, I knew what was happening so I thought some background noise would help. Stuck on a bit of Evanescence and Linkin Park (...come on, I was about 13 at the time) and it was a different experience. Although the major downside was missing out on the awesome FFX soundtrack, I have long since compensated for having it all on my iPod.

Now I know for you Xbox owners, you have the luxury of putting your music into your games, which is awesome and I still wonder why Sony didn't give us PS3 owners that little option. But when I play games on my PC such as Left 4 Dead, or late night plays of Pokemon, I'll stick my iPod on or blast it out on my speakers, and zone out as I play.

It's a nice experience. Gaming and music have both been described as ways to escape real life at times - mixing them together works very well. The reason I'm writing this is because I've just bought Evanescence's new album (...okay, I'm 21 now. They're a good band! Don't judge!) and I know over the next few days I'll be listening to it as I run through Golden Sun - I'm about half-way through already, it's insane. And I just wanted to know everybody else's experiences with music and games. Do you listen to your own music when you play? What type of music? Do you have different genres of music for different genres of games?


Greetings + Golden Sun

I honestly thought I'd written a blog here before - way back when I signed up for this site, then completely forgot about it, remembered it, changed the images, added some lists, then went away again. Once again I've remembered having this account so here I am, actually making some use for it.

If you haven't read my About Me, shame on you. My name's Claire, 21, I'm a student and I play games. Sometimes I also like to write about games. That's about it. Oh, if you lump me into the group of 'girl gamers', I will punch you in the dick. Seriously. I don't associate with those people. You are not special for having a vagina and sucking at Call of Duty, it's not cute, you look stupid.

...anyway. I'm hoping to actually submit some decent blogs, reviews, etc. So keep watching for more.

Onto my currently playing - my boyfriend found his old Gameboy Advance the other week, so I decided to do the decent thing and steal it off him before he grows attached to it again. I can finally play Golden Sun again (and hopefully complete it with my party having high enough stats to get through the final bosses...) with the intention of completing it, moving onto The Lost Age and rounding it off with Dark Dawn - which I got before Christmas and still haven't touched. It's just not right when you don't have the first two games done. Mixing that up with my usual doses of Minecraft too, as my other half devours the Ico/Shadow of the Colussus HD Collection.

Come and get to know me while I actually remember I'm on this site!