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Thanks dudes!

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Shoot me straight - how friggin long did it take those of you who have it to get it?  And how did you do it, any particular match modes that yield more exp?  I'm pretty good at the multiplayer (level 14 in about 3 sittings) but for the love of god that's a lot of EXP
I flipped through a few pages and didn't see a topic on this pain in the ass achievement, so here it is.

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If you're playing with friends, try to hide in a group, as you'll get more points for sticking together, at least early in the match.  Defense is all about keeping the score as close as possible until the round ends, then pour on the offense for an easy win

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It's only if you were born after 2009.

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" You can't turn a game into a shooter if it doesn't have guns. "

Cover based shooter with crossbows, arrows and blowguns, hooooooooo!
EDIT - Didn't I hear on a podcast that there is actually a fantasy-themed GoW2 clone in development?  Brad had mentioned it.  Not that it's a good idea, mind you.
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" Yeah, during this fight, random town peoples will die and, like chu52 put it, Goodsprings ain't no Megaton. If it makes you feel better, I reloaded this sequence five times before I was able to complete the fight without losing anybody and it really doesn't change anything. I am 16 hours into the game now and I have not returned to Goodsprings once. If you absolutely must finish this sequence without losing anyone, charge in close to the gang members so they focus their firepower on you and then have the townspeople pick them off as you also VATS it out. Takes a while but it works! "
Goodsprings is actually a great "base" early on in the game if you're playing on Hardcore.  It's close to Goodsprings Source, which always has fresh water for you and Geckos to shoot and cook, and Goodsprings has a reloading bench and workbench available without having to go into a building / separate loading screen.  The weapon store there sells good amounts of ammo and mods as well, and you can use the Doctor's House as a place to stash some goods early on in the game.
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This is a stark reminder that I need to create a Luck Mule and run him to Vegas for the "Get Your Ass Thrown Out of Many Casinos" achievement

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Yeah it's certainly not gamebreaking, but the pacing at the beginning of the game is pretty well done, so it's worth chopping through the 5-6 hours it would normally take you to get to the strip via quest chains.  Plus, exp and lewt.

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So true.  I gave up trying to S-Rank RDR when they released all of the multiplayer packs - if I want to play poker, I will play it with real people for real money, thankyouverymuch.

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" so yea. new vegas for christmas is AWESOME. I have been playing the living shit out of it. I've only got one reoccurring problem, THE FUCKING GAME LOCKING UP ON ME. its installed on to the hard drive and it has happened probably upwards of 5 or 6 times on my now within the span of 4 days. If anyone could offer some insight i would be EXTREMELY thankful and happy holidays to everyone. "
Anything in particular that seems to be triggering the crashes, or are they completely random?  The only game breaking bugs I ran into on the 360 version were when my companions wouldn't follow me out of a dungeon, so I'd have to backtrack and basically "nudge" them out.