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#1 Posted by clank543 (99 posts) -

I've been playing some of the normal races. I was just dying for a racing game. I think the tracks are actually really good, and I don't have quite the amount of issues with the handling as Jeff had although I do think it feels weird. I would like to see what all this online stuff they touted about the game is, but I don't know if I'll even have friends playing it after this horrible launch.

I'm more disappointed that this is only the SECOND racing game launched on the system. TWO!!!!! Are you kidding me? Codemasters, Criterion, BugBear, let's get some damn racing games out!

#2 Posted by clank543 (99 posts) -

Honestly, I just got the Wii U a couple weeks ago and am having a great time with it. I never had a wii, so I can play that catalog plus the 4 or 5 games that interest me on the wii U. Honestly, though, I'm not really sure what they need to do to make this console relevant. I don't think SSB is going to make THAT much of a difference and Mario Kart won't light the world on fire. Sony and Microsoft have already carved out their audiences and Nintendo just seems to be the red headed step child that has some incredible platformers, but that's about it.

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Thank God! I have no desire to buy a console for 1 or 2 games!

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I loved it. It's exactly what I wanted. There hasn't been a new Sly game in 8 years, so I'm perfectly happy with them playing it safe on the first level of the game. From the videos I've seen, it looks like they're focusing on the platforming much more than Sly 3, which had extended minigame sections. I'm definitely picking it up tomorrow.

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I feel bad for them, but did anyone HONESTLY expect this game to be a smash hit? At some point, these developers and publishers need to get realistic about what sells and what doesn't. While this game seemed well playing enough, it was destined to failure when they slapped the 60 dollar price tag on it instead of making it a low cost downloadable game.

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There are definitely games with unnecessary violent images that may be disturbing, but I don't think its any worse than something like the UFC. I love the UFC, but I would never let a young child watch it because it is extremely violent and can really change the outlook on that violence in a young child's mind.

We have a rating system for a reason, and parents need to be proactive in their childs life by explaining to them what this media is and how they should be consuming it.

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cool idea. I'm definitely up for playing something like this. That concept art sure is awesome.

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I was looking forward to this. Oh well! It didn't have a chance against Assassin's Creed III, Black Ops II, and GTA 5, which is probably the real reason why it's moving. I say this game will probably come out March of next year.

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This actually looks kind of cool. I'm sure they have some staples with jak and ratchet coming, but I would really like to see some obscure ones like they're doing with Parappa. And big boss better be the final boss!

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I think there's more to this than meets the eye. They couldn't just make another God of War game about a story that we've heard to death through the other 5 games, right? RIGHT? I hope not.

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