My experiences this week

So its almost been a week since the site has launched. Today I finally earned myself that sought after 1,000 points and am charging along updating missing cover art.  Man some of those obscure NES, SNES games are tough to find good quality cover images of. For this first week I decided to focus just on the company pages.  Filling in logos, blurbs, a little body text, and all around general information.  Just like with those obscure games there are alot of hard to find companies with very little information available due to, for the most part, being closed disbanded closed down pre 2000.  There are some things I believe these pages could use.  For companies that have closed down there should be some option that can be checked so that most of the general information lines no longer show and just the company name, date founded, published game count, and development count numbers remain.  And then after those are hidden a date closed line appears.  I did post this in the suggestion forums but the likely hood of that being seen is low I believe.

Other than little additions that could be made to the site there are no real problems as far as I can tell. The guys who made this site did a solid job.  I can't wait to see the newest additions, maybe the video section will be next, maybe the crew is trying to get the news/reviews back on track. Either way I can't wait. 

I've been waiting for this ever since I first found Jeff's blog soon after he departed from Gamespot.  I must say that in concept this site is miles beyond the current available game information resources.  In time I hope the site develops more and fills out (from the sound of Jeffs and crews blogs the amount of incoming info is insane atm, so filling out in that sense wont be a problem). So like I said I spent all week updating information and now its probably time for me to spend some quality time with the forums.