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I sadly couldn't find my coupon code anywhere in my mailbox, so just had to say screw it and pay in full. Awesome poster guys, can't wait to frame it.

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I'm curious if there is anything going on in the back end that may be effecting the Plex apps performance as of late. I have plex media server installed on my macbook with the giantbomb app installed. That is then streamed over wifi to my LG tv through the TVs built in plex app. At first I thought it was probably just my router and/or my laptop needing to be reset. But then I looked at some of my other apps (revision3 for example) and they seem to be having no problems and are streaming at full bars, which makes me believe it is something up with the giantbomb app or the video servers.

I can't get more than a few minutes into a video before it pauses and has to buffer some more. Then from that point on it pauses every 10-20 seconds to buffer again. I've run into this issue in the past but it only seems to persist for a day or so and then everything is back to normal. But its been like this for a week or two now and I'm just wondering if something is up.

Giant Bomb:


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[H] Torchlight 1 [W] Offers

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They are quieter than anything else I play. On my tv I usually have to double the normal volume.

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I am very happy you are going to be playing System Shock 2.

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@MonkfishEsq: Thank you. I probably wouldn't of gotten that any time soon.

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I'm having a real issue with figuring out the symbols. And it feels like I can't go much further without figuring it out =\ I'm in that room with the fox jumping over the dog, but looking at this rock means nothing to me. Have stuff written down from previous rooms to try and figure it out. Nothing =(

Anyone have a tip as to how I figure it out?

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Well I sent an email to comcast customer support as the HBO GO app suggests. They pretty much blew off my question and spun it into an email about fixing access to the xfinity app if I was unable to sign in.

So that went as expected.