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Well I sent an email to comcast customer support as the HBO GO app suggests. They pretty much blew off my question and spun it into an email about fixing access to the xfinity app if I was unable to sign in.

So that went as expected.

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Was writing an email to comcast when the xfinity app finally became available. Figured I'd launch that before I sent my email to see what was up. I guess they wanted to keep their little strangle hold on the HBO episodes you get and that's why they aren't with HBO Go. Selection is pathetic compared to what HBO actually offers. Makes me sad to be a comcast customer.

Looking at the providers list, it seems everyone is down with the app, with them being the the lone hold out. They need to get with the times =(

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I am so sad/angry that comcast is not supported on the HBO app. I've been waiting so long for this app =\ What sucks is comcast is just blowing off anyone asking about it. I have little faith the comcast specific app will be very good. Guess we will see when/if it comes out.

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None of mine are very rare it seems. I had to go to xbox exclusive and then filter by rarity. I have my WoW account linked and I guess not very many people here play or have theirs sync'd since I had to go through pages and pages of WoW achievements to find a non WoW one.

1) Maverick Goose (10 points) - Saints Row 2 - 161/10923 (1.5%)

2) No Point in Dying (10 points) - Limbo - 299/13,007 (2.3%)

3) Confidence Men (25 points) - Saints Row 2 - 255/10,923 (2.3%)

4) Zomb Disposal (30 points) - Black Ops - 451/14,307 (3.2%)

5) Hi Fidelity (15 points) - Saints Row 2 - 414/10,923 (3.8%)

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System shock 2

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Hit the level cap. Saw that my computer was too shitty for anything other than leveling. Which left absolutely nothing to do. So I am no longer logging in.

Maybe in the future when they add more content, fix the many problems, make a decent UI, and I get an upgraded computer, it will be worth looking into again.

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I do not keep track. I find it too depressing how many games I have unfinished and desire to go back to.

Fallout: New Vegas (steam)

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I loved the last episode where Amir had no clue what to do with himself.

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@Lolimoto: Dave did mention on twitter (i think) that they are working on a way to scroll through promos in that main promo section so that you don't have to click through to get it to change.  
But yeah it would be nice if the coming up on giant bomb thing was always there no matter the story type.