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@Lolimoto: Dave did mention on twitter (i think) that they are working on a way to scroll through promos in that main promo section so that you don't have to click through to get it to change.  
But yeah it would be nice if the coming up on giant bomb thing was always there no matter the story type.
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Thanks for the giveaway. Real cool of you.

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I'd like to put it towards DnD Daggerdale. Then use the spare points later when some LA Noire cases come out.

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@Leafhopper said:
You should sell it for 15,000 grand like that one guy did with Final Fantasy. :P I'm kidding.
$15,000,000 ????  Man you crazy.
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I'm very torn on this subject. On one hand I want it to be good since I will likely end up paying $60 for it so that I can play with friends who will inevitably get it. But also no because I would like to see Activision flop after what they did to real IW. (though if they flop on CoD they may turn their sites onto my WoW=( )  I am however looking forward to seeing what Respawn Entertainments first game will be.

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@Soap said:

Is there an updated template for the new site layout?

Dave said he would upload it next week after he makes this week's promo.
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@AltDimension said:

Nice work, but... The fact that the main promo item is static and not on a carousel is a bad design choice these days.  

hmm? The main promo changes every time you click the current one. It displays whatever you have no viewed yet out of what they deemed capable of being pinned up there. (which was 9 items i think (from what i saw on the show yesterday)) 
Edit: er you probably meant you want it to just change automatically as you sit there. Cycling through a few. nm
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@sjoerdth: That's odd. Mine looks fine. Could be something on your end but who knows. This is mine on win7/chrome.  Edit: Same on my macbook, also running chrome. Both are 12 Beta versions.
May wanna go post in this thread
Edit: Though not specifically about the front page, may fit in that thread.
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Hmm. I just did what you did MrKlorox. Mine goes down to 1000 pixels wide before it gets a horizontal scroll bar. 

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I'm a fan of the grid view over the list view. But as Axersia said, C. Google Reader.  
I do love the new front page. I'm even a little sad I won't see it very often (maybe i will now that its all sexy). Just much easier to use my reader.