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I luckily live in the North East US (and not so luckily, damn snow) so I go most of the year without it. Only really need an A/C for 1 month or so. Not sure how people way down south can stand it >< 

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This simply made me sad that Alex is over here on the east coast and not around Whiskey Media HQ.
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@LethalKi11ler said:
I had the video thing on the front page about an hour ago but now it's replaced by some news, is it possible to go back to the video format? I really liked the countdown to new content and would like to see it again :s
What it shows as the top promo is based on what you have looked at. If you click that news/review article and then head back to the front page it will have something different. Hopefully a video promo.  
But yes, it would be nice if the countdown was there for article promos too.
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@ManiacMaysin said:
How do I filter the friends' stream activity feed to only show the people I'm following? Right now it is showing maybe everyone on the site.
Jeff pointed that out on the live show yesterday and it was said to be a bug. So they are likely looking into it.
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@VisariLoyalist said:
okay guys... it seems to be a problem with chrome for me so try other browsers if not than i have no idea
What kind of problem? Not seeing it? It doesn't show up if your lead promo isn't a video promo. I am using chrome and it's working fine. Around launch there was a little slowness on the random button actually changing the next video but that seems to be cleared up now. 
If your top promo is an article, just click through to the article/review and then head back to the main page and it should change. Hopefully it lands on a video promo.
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Grabbing it for xbox. It's just more convenient for me as the PS3 is a shared family device. My only concern was the disk shit but then I heard that becuase of how the missions are it isn't a big deal.

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I simply enjoyed their all day live streaming. 

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@rufo said: 
@Clark: I'm running the same version of Chrome (though without a beta moniker) and haven't had any problems. I feel a bit silly for asking this, but are you sure you're logged in? If you're logged in (or not a subscriber), the extension simply won't load - and I actually ran into that myself, once...
And, to everyone - thanks for all the awesome feedback. It's great to hear people are liking it! (Though it sounds like your mileage may vary in Chrome until Google speeds up their video support...)
Heh yeah i'm logged in. Even logged out and in just to make sure. I'll just mess around with my version some more tomorrow, or maybe just use chromium when Im watching videos.
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I'm also having an issue with HD. But not with Giantbomb. My problem is every other whiskey media site. The videos on those sites keep giving me this error. 

Mac 10.6.4 
Chrome 6.0.472.62 beta
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@Tyashki said:
" @Clark: It works for me, however I'm running  7.0.517.8 dev. "
Seems to be a mac problem. Just installed it on my PC running the same version and it works. Weird.