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Thanks for this. Works perfectly in Safari. I however am having issues with chrome. It is not taking and is continuing to play in flash. Do I need to be running a non beta versions of chrome?  
Currently running: 6.0.472.62 Beta

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Will likely be heading into the store to get a hard copy anyways. Feel bad for people buying it on the console. Damn price hikes. 

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This makes me very excited. I hope he does come in but I'm sure it's more likely that they do something over skype/phone. But maybe they will hit it off and eventually he will come in.  
Only good things can come from this. 

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I am also glad that he got rid of it. Looks much better without it. If he could go for a full beard then maybe.

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Glad to see blizzard continue to support their games after release. They are very good at it.

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I'm so sad. Trials HD was up there like yesterday for 560 points now its off the list and back up to 1200 =(

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Loved the appearance. Was in the twit IRC. A few people were not ready for how much Jeff can talk about games. lol

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Shocked that the new xbox is announced and released in the same week. =D

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Online for me was wonderfull on day one when I got it at midnight and played it for 4-5 hours. It was very fun going around in the different match types with my friends. I personaly did not enjoy GTA IV multiplayer. This however has been very fun so far. 
Ever since then though the 360 online has been unplayable sadly. You can get into a Free Roam every once in a while but it doesn't last =(. Hopefully they get that patch out soon. They released a little update yesterday but that must of been for something else. The one positive to multiplayer being broken is I'm playing the single player =b