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It's likely that they won't release Pokemon Grey because Nintendo will likely want Game Freak to continue support for the 3DS over the DS. It'll be a while before a announcement for Gen 6 shows up though because there has been a 4 year gap between the games since Ruby/Sapphire.

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Burial does dark music right.

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I usually don't enjoy long rants about video games because they are so tired and overdone, on the Internet, at this point. This however, legitimately made me break out laughing at points. Mostly because of how genuinely pissed off you seem about all these details and how enthusiastically this just keeps building upon itself. So thanks for being concise writer with something to say, and making me laugh along the way.
To a degree I do actually agree with your points. With that said, even if the over world is empty feeling, the races, places, and story are not fleshed out, and many of the enemies are little bitches, this game still has qualities that hold up. The simplicity of the design and the game play has a certain draw, being easy to conform to and a effective conduit to enjoying the experience. The dungeons aren't extremely complex but are not a complete push over either; they are at least challenging enough to be interesting. Lastly, and importantly, at least to me, is the unique atmosphere that the game's graphics and music provide (particularly in dungeons), which I think is key for a 3d Zelda game.
Those are some of the reasons why, at least to my memory, I enjoyed the game so much when I first played it. It has been a while since I have made the time to play through it again.

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I don't like these remixes, but the original soundtrack was great.

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A UK Dreamcast is PAL, it will work with a PAL TV. An NTSC (North America, Japan) Dreamcast will only work with an older Australian TV.

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The power converter will get the system to run but will do nothing to get it to work with your TV. If you plan on playing your Dreamcast on a newer TV it would be better to get one from your region.

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The Dreamcast IS region locked. However you can easily circumvent this problem by using a boot disc. Such as the Utopia boot disc which can easily be found with a Google search.

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When I saw the thread title I thought of Fallout 3. That said I played and enjoyed the game without becoming depressed because of it. The world seems cold and uninviting but it's great to explore once you become used to your environment.