Playing the games I love for now.

    I'm back deep into The Witcher now that the Enhanced Edition just came out. It's a much more polished game now and I'm having a blast reliving it. I've made quite a few choices that I didn't make in the first run through; I've only sleeped with Triss, I had someone die on me when I was escorting them to their grandmother's house and I helped a dwarf. I'm going to play it by ear the rest of the way in what choices I make. I'm about ready to fight the Beast, he's a tuff as nails boss, so I've got to get everything ready for the fight.

This is the game paused while fighting. After taking out this guy, I paused, rotated the camera, changed my fighting style and took out another guy.

On another note, I've been playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the Wii. I'm kind of nitpicky about online gaming, but I've been kicking some golfer tail in this game online. I'm ranked 5th and my record is 112-24 with 10 ties. It's nice to achieve prominence in a game, especially when you've played the genre for a long time.

I'll probably be playing TW:EE and TW09 plus some other games on my Xbox 360 for about a month, but I'm really looking forward to the games coming out in the months ahead, Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 is high on my list. I can't afford them all, but that's all good, if there's a will, there's a way.  

Thanks for reading and keep on gaming.

P.S. I miss Sweep.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition initial impressions.

This is a different game... I'm two hours in and I'm still trying to think of all the changes; the colors, the voices, the dialog. This is not to mention the inventory so far, completely different. The first boss battle was not what I remembered and I can't wait to dive back in. It took a while to download the patch or to find the right place to download it from, but once installed it shined. 

I should mention I bought the original game and I downloaded the "Enhanced Edition" patch. As I understand, the North American retail version needs a patch for the blood. I'm not sure if the downloaded version needed it. 

If you play this game or decide to play this game, please try and play it in the over the shoulder view. You can pause the game and scroll the area in a 3D view with the mouse, continue combos while paused, it's cool trust me. You can be flipping over an opponent's  head and pause mid flight, while contemplating your next move, to me that's cool. I play on easy, because it's all about the journey.

To CD Projekt, Thanks

This is where I am now.


Are you kidding me?

The Wii, yes the Wii is the best selling console by far. It's time for third party developers to act, to develop better games, only Nintendo gets slammed for not giving us more of what we want. Why? Because they have the best franchises, bar none and Sony and Microsoft can't compete with these franchises. Oh! Halo you might say, I say recognize, cognitively think about it, now stop for a second. Why are you bitching, because you want it and Nintendo knows it, that's why we have to wait, with patience comes virtue and for that, I'm willing and able to wait.