Xenoblade Chronicles

I finally bought Xenoblade Chronicles. This should be a trip for me. The only thing close to a JRPG that I've played was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I also read that Chronicles plays like a single player MMO. I've never played a MMO, so that should be interesting as well.  In either case, game on!


Nevermind, my Wii will not read the disk. I took the disk back to Gamespot and got another one, but it will not read either. All my other Wii games read fine and load fine. Oh well, no Xenoblade for me.

Finished Dead Space 2

I don't know why, but I had not played Dead Space 2. It was fun as shit. I liked it better than the first. I'm not sure what game to play next. I want to finish the different path on the Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360. And then there are other console games to play...
But now I have my eye on something far more extreme. PC


Youtube A Movie

I loved this film. And it's brought to you in 360p. Crazy. Youtube... One of my favourite films. Ken Russell directs Salome's Last Dance


GBTR: A Couple of Pics

I watched Giant Bomb Talk Radio tonight. Dave and Alexis were great as always and the questions were good from the audience. I took two screens. One is of Dave playing with his wedding band. He just got married if not in the know. I then caught a screen of a wedding pic shown by Alexis. 
Great show all around and Dave Snider is pure diamond.