Claude's Candy Corner: Giant Bomb Life and Death


I wanted to write something for you the Giant Bomb faithful and my fellow video game loving brethren. My wife passed away today after having a stroke early Monday. Why am I doing this you ask? Because Giant Bomb became my place to be when my wife's health took a turn for the worse. At the same time Jeff was fired from Gamespot, I had to quit my full time job to concentrate on my wife and become her caregiver. Jeff's blog and later Giant Bomb gave me that safe haven for fun and video games. I was 43 years old at the time and now I'm sitting at 47. I've played a lot of video games in my life starting with the great Pong. Well, Pong was kind of simple, but you know what I mean. 
My wife had a chronic disease called Lupus and with that many illnesses manifested themselves. She was diagnosed when she was 18 years old, and we started dating when she was 24. I was 23. Even with all the health issues, I saw her become a mental health therapist and she was still practicing part-time at the time of her death. June of this year would have marked twenty years of marriage. I loved her dearly and always will.
Being that Giant Bomb is just a click away on the internet, it's safe to say I've read all the well wishes and good thoughts coming my way. Being a member of Giant Bomb has meant a lot to me. I've been up and down emotionally and sometimes I can take out my frustrations here good and bad. Sometimes I feel great creativity in writing my strange and obtuse blogs. Other times I try to help and be a good guy. And then there's the forum fun, odd polls and maybe just a little bit of trollism hidden in there. I've met many people here that I consider friends and would enjoy sitting and chatting about life and video games.
As for the community, don't let anyone tell you you're just the internet. I'm a firm believer in speaking your mind and letting your opinion be heard. I believe in Giant Bomb and I believe in you. So let your freak flag fly Giant Bomb. I ain't going no where. Don't ban me, bro!
Thank you all for the good thoughts. And remember that the internet is not such a bad place, we're just going through growing pains because our world is getting smaller. 

Google, Do You Use It?


This has been a public service announcement. In case of a real emergency, PM a Mod.  
Motherfucking cunt bitches from hell and earth and all the lies we do not mean. May your heart grow warm and your perseverance prevail in your lifelong dream.
Peace be with you.

Claude's Candy Corner: The Games We Play

When I think of candy, I think of chocolate. I was allergic as a kid but grew out of it. Now it's my flavor...flavour for that other crowd.


When I play video games, it reminds me of being a kid. I didn't have video games when I was real young. My family bought an Atari 2600 when I was 13.
I play video games.
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Wii
The best motion plus game on the market. I should say the best motion game on the market. But it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Certain aspects of the game left me scratching my head. A small gripe was the bug and item collecting. Why did I have to see the same cutscene when I already had more than one of the item after loading up the game from a previous save. The game is fat. Trim that fat Nintendo. The Spirit Realms works as far as gameplay, but was it needed? Hell no. I could have lived without four of those motherfuckers. At one point I had traveled far only to have to go back to a previous place and then come back to where I was only to be left with an escort mission. Really? Thanks for that assholes. Still, the game was cool. The time manipulation and the beetle were my favorites. I beat it, that's all that matters.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Xbox 360 
They got the vibe right that's for sure. The gameplay was even better. I have never played a game that went from first person to third person so seamlessly. The layout of the environments became like puzzles that needed to be solved. I did a lot of trial and error, but I'm a stealth guy looking for a different route in. The cutscenes were funky as hell though and the boss fights could suck my dick. But everything else was spectacular. If this isn't a game to grow on, I don't know video games. I want to see a new one and hope it's being made by the same developer. Good stuff. Thief 4 should be a hoot. I hope we see something at E3.
Still Playing: 
Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City. The Ballad of Gay Tony: Xbox 360 
I'm still playing this one. It's a lot different than Lost and Damned. The main character and the other characters aren't as tightly drawn as with Lost and Damned. But there's plenty of playtime to be played. I feel like Rockstar did this on purpose. I'm working on it. I did some base jumping but it wasn't what I was expecting and the game is still kind of hard. I die a lot, but learn and finally prevail.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters: Xbox 360 and bought the Wii version again.
I played the demo of TW13 on the Xbox 360. I think I'm going to skip this year's version. It will be the first version I've skipped in years. I don't have Kinect but fuck that shit, I can read and see that it's shit. I don't own a PS3, so I don't know about the Move version, but I frequent the EA forums and it doesn't seem better than the greatest of all the motion golf games...TW12 for the Wii. 
Actually, I just bought the Wii version again. I bought it last year but hurt my shoulder and couldn't play it the way it was meant to be played, so I traded it in for the Xbox 360 version. By the way, the Xbox 360 version of TW12 is a great game. Analog control at its best.
Just bought:
Little King's Story: Wii
It's like an RPG Pikmin or something. There's no motion control, but there's a lot going on. You're a King, you upgrade your town, your recruit members for specific jobs, you go out on quests and hopefully rule the world. That last part is a guess. I'm about 10 hours in and it's a very unique game. Being like Pikmin, your group can get rather cumbersome at times and you lose them while on quests.  Interesting game, but I might have to put it down for a while. Because...
Xenoblade Chronicles: Wii
I'm getting this game this week. I can't wait. I've never played a real JRPG. Unless you count Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. But yeah, no Final Fantasy, no Square games no nothing. I'm scared and excited. I hope I like it. 
Indie Game Corner: Ancient Trader: Xbox Live Indie

This is a turn based game. It plays somewhat like an economic, rock/paper/scissors card based combat sim. The artwork is awesome and the simple but sublime buy low sell high and military cards upgrade system becomes apparent quickly. There's a PC version, but I don't know much about that. 
Hey, that's it. Take care and GLHGBCBSi