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You guys are too kind. Fuck and fuck the fuck night away.

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o_o Watching godfather part 2

Good man no matter the bad of the poll.

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Still running with <>

Fuck. Haappey. Mark it down. Fuck.

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Planet Elder Scrolls is a good place. But in truth, you need to learn on your own. To learn to mod a video game is a very personal experience. I even learned how to make a mod in the Oblivion Construction Set. Good times, I made a thief hold in the market place. Bitch was right beside where I fast traveled.

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I'm in it for the experience. A tough challenge turns me off unless I win in the end of my experience.

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I bought The Witcher 2 on Steam and for some reason can't get into it. I loved the first one. Oh well, I'll play it eventually.

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@MB: Man, your background is more boring than CKs. No way will I make you a "Claude's Featured User".

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I enjoyed reading that. I played Darksiders and agree that people calling it the Dark Zelda are reaching a little bit. Darksiders might have the trappings of Zelda, but there was so much more thrown into that game. I'm not saying it didn't work, but while I played I was like, oh man, Devil May Cry Combat and Portals. And of course the Zelda touches. For me, it made me want to play a Legend of Zelda game. But that's just me.