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Oh, how could I forget! Domhnall of zena is the best!

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Oh man, I have lots of answers...

  • Gavlan for being so damn silly.
  • Marvelous Chester! Dude is basically bloodborne before bloodborne, and he kinda sounds like Tim Curry at times!
  • Also, Simon and Ludwig from the old hunters, both have pretty awesome dialogue.
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@beachthunder: whoa, that Nosferatu game looks fascinating! I'll have to check that out.

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It's never happened (to my knowledge) but a horror roguelike would be pretty fitting, considering horror is all about building up the unknown, and permadeath would probably make you more timid and ripe for the spookening.

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@golguin: Absolutely. Old Hunters pretty much cemented Bloodborne as one of the best games ever. It was good before, but Old Hunters put it over the top.

So reviews are coming out. Seems very good based on the scores . Shame GB does not give two shits about witcher.

At this point, GB doesn't give two shits about anything I like.

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@baronsamedi: Oh man, the ballad of gay tony was so good. It went in enough directions to practically feel like it's own game. Great characters too.

Anyone know if Blood and Wine is supposed to be the last DLC?

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Yes, they're some of the coolest looking areas and they have great bosses and lore inside them too. From rarely makes their optional content the most trivial stuff in the game, I mean the extra content itself is supposed to be this super cool treat for exploratory players.

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For some reason, the twitch and youtube apps are pixelated messes on my ps4, pretty much never reaching 720p (or near source quality on twitch). I was starting to think it's my internet, but HBO and netflix run flawlessly on the same ps4, only taking about a minute before it's at full HD. So has anyone else noticed this with these two video apps? I think I'm honestly better off just hooking up a laptop to my TV with an hdmi cord at this point since I've never had trouble viewing twitch with source quality that way.

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Glad to see some Origins love here. I thought that game was stellar and I was sad to see it get completely ripped apart by critics on release. It's kinda the only one I want to replay honestly. I went back to Asylum last year. That game does not hold up for me at all. It's lacking scope and depth compared to the later titles and it largely feels like its on rails. The metroidvania aspect is so overblown.

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Magic/Faith + Str/Dex are the strongest builds in the game, and the most fun too! By NG+, you'll want weapon spell buffs for the extra damage anyhow.