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@doubleurluck said:

" @Jeknod said:

" You were a jerk; you were kicked out. "
How was I a jerk, I was not being aggressive at all I wasn't cussing at him or calling him vulgar names "
Thats what you get for saying "Fuck" 6 times in a Gamestop store. I'd say it was deserved to be honest. How do you think a big supermarket chain like Wal-mart would like it if you walked into their store and yelled "FUCK" several times repreatedly? I think that would get you a store ban.
On the other hand, telling you to leave over that in the first place was a dick move. Plus "fuck" isn't really such a foul mouthed curse word nowadays, considering the wide use of it and other much worse curse words/insults on Xbox Live multiplayer voice chat.
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@Jeknod said:
" thred sux u sux i bet ur a$$ in stret fiter "
Its called spelling. Learn it.
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@adoggz said:
" The first one that came to mind is Pillar of Autumn. "
I'd say the Pillar of Autumn was a good opener, as was the beginning to Halo 2. But 3's sucked.
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 So Kinect support will be like Fable II's poor and disregarded gameplay?  


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 A friend notification appears during the game.

 You received a message from a person during the game.

You know what this means? If these tournaments are going to be using in any way whatsoever, then people from outside are going to be fixing matches by arranging that people send their rivals friend notifications or messages to them. That is unless they are using the StarCraft 2 LAN edition which Blizzard will only ever use for tournaments which they have involvement in (I think they are involved in this).

GomTV can deny your participation if you are found unfit to be a gamer.

Its an exclusive:
300 APM or get the hell out!
Reminds me of WoW with its player set 5500+ Gearscore or GTHO of my raid rules.

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Dam level in Goldeneye. Probably one of the greatest opening levels of all time. On that note, Goldeneye 007 had NO crap levels in general.

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I kinda had to quit WoW already due to college/university work, I never really had a choice in the matter.
Mind you, I would have LOVED a Cataclysm beta invite.

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I think the only way we're gonna find a WoW killer is through innovation. And I think its gonna be much harder to innovate and not make your MMORPG just a crappy clone of World of Warcraft. But I'd like to see new MMORPGs based around any of the following concepts:

  • Huge worlds. Remember how big the world was in games like WoW, Runescape, Oblivion, Morrowind etc? Multiply that by a huge number and have almost continent-sized worlds.
  • User-generated content. I am talking elaborate user created spells, abilities, locations, dungeons, bosses, and not just a level of character customisation.
  • Player run economies. I mean turn from a nobody to the ruler of a huge ingame clan/guild/city.
  • Huge scale PvP wars. I am talking almost on a world war scale.
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So its basically gonna be Fable III.

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I can't quite remember the exact game, but it was either:

  • Sonic 2
  • Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
  • Sonic 3