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Sonic Rush...... WITH WISPS!!! 0

(NOTE: THIS IS A REVIEW FOR THE DS VERSION OF SONIC COLOURS)   Graphics: 3/5   Graphically, the game varies. In many areas, the game looks very similar to Sonic Rush in terms of sprites, and the types of enemies appearing. However, some of the levels look very pretty, particularly Starlight Carnival.   On the other hand, the Wisp effects, while colourful, look horrible on the small screen.   Gameplay: 2/5   On the face of it, Sonic Colours is not really different to Sonic Rush. For one, The u...

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A slightly polished remake 0

Content: 2/5  Having never played Gunstar Heroes fully before. I bought this game after seeing rave reviews for it.  However, from what I hear, this is basically a "sequel" to Gunstar Heroes in the way that the characters are different people to their original counterparts and that its set hundreds of years in the future.  These "Gunstar Future Heroes" are still Red, Blue and Yellow, and Red and Blue are still the only playable characters in the game. Furthermore, Green is still a renegade Gunst...

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Rushed. Bug ridden. Underwhelming 0

First of all, lets give a small brief backstory to this game. Chris Sawyer is a game developer who created such series as Transport Tycoon mostly in x86 Assembly Language. He created a game called Rollercoaster Tycoon whilst working on the sequel to TTD, which became one of the best selling and most well known simulation/management video games of all time. He also developed the sequel to Rollercoaster Tycoon (Rollercoaster Tycoon 2) which was praised but also criticized for feeling more like the...

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Platforming Perfection 0

Its hard to actually consider a game absolutely perfect to play, but Nintendo had somehow managed to accomplish that with Wario Land 3. I don't know whether its the large, open game levels or the perfect way that puzzles and different challenges leading to different treasure chests were designed in the game.   I will attempt to make this review as spoiler-free as humanely possible, although I actually played this game to a 100% completion and enjoyed it all the way.  Graphics - 4.5/5 For the GBC...

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Near Perfection: Suffers from minor issues 0

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a more than worthy sequel which is years and years ahead of its predecessor. It is beautiful both graphically and in terms of gameplay. However, the story suffers from a few minor issues and the online play isn't picture perfect.  GRAPHICS: 4.5/5. Feel free to deduct 0.5 points for every year of your PC component's age or whatever, cos its not gonna look the same on a crap machine. To describe the graphics in one word would be.... "STUNNING"  To decribe it in se...

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Kinda naff 0

This game is a 4 player online co-op top down shooter using the Source Engine. The goal is relatively simple. Complete all the objectives and reach the end of the level and kill aliens along the way. Unfortunately, the game itself is too short, has no real sense of progression in the story as you can start from any mission you like and pick it up from there and doesn't really have a significant story. The objectives are also samey such as.... "destroy 20 alien eggs", "detonate this bomb located ...

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Kinda dull 0

NOTE: This review will take into account the updates done to the game over the years including such examples as the Wilderness anti-RWT update, graphical changes and the new skills/quests released.  Runescape is a game which I had played on and off for several years. At one point, I really enjoyed the game world and how immersive parts of it were, and how good MMORPGs like this are to play with any other friends who are interested in it. On the other hand, having come back to it again and again,...

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Disappointment compared to the original 0

NOTE: I enjoyed the original Fable. While I didn't like the fact that in the original, each map felt small and the game world wasn't that open, I thought that the combat system was solid and that there were an adequate amount of sidequests in the game. I have played this game and Fable II right to the ending.I'll give my opinions on certain aspects of the game below, and a score out of 5 for each part.The game world/Sidequests - 4/5The world is more open, and by that, I mean that the areas are m...

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Not quite perfect but a good sequel to Sands of Time. 0

In shortGraphicsVery detailed, and in some places, varied, despite the large amount of grey and brown shades used. - 4/5MusicContains a variety of music, which isn't bad, and is mainly a more rock oriented soundtrack than the first game. - 4/5GameplayGreatly improved combat, but still filled with platforming oriented puzzles like the first one. However, the difficulty curve can skyrocket at times (particularly during the Dahaka chase sections) and the camera isn't great either - 4/5Replay ValueA...

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Good, but feels a bit too short 0

Wario Land 4 is quite different to its predecessors (Wario Land 1, 2 and 3), because its definitely a shorter game than the last 3, and this time, Wario has a health meter instead of either being unkillable (Wario Land 2 and 3), or killable as Small Wario (Wario Land 1)Graphics 4.5/5Good for Game Boy Advance quality, and despite being a 2D sidescroller, there is definitely a lot of detail in some levels. Although some of the levels look a bit plain, a few others look really good.Gameplay 3.5/5Th...

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Average 0

Sonic Unleashed is definitely an improvement over Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) which often had bad gameplay, sometimes terrible controls, an annoying amount of loading screens and a bad storyline. However, Sonic Unleashed has improved on that.Sonic's levels are often quite linear, on rails and involve running as fast as possible across the level to the goal, avoiding obstacles, killing enemies, collecting rings and sometimes doing quick time events in the process. While this can sometimes be fun, i...

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Sometimes good, sometimes a disappointment 0

I have mixed views about Halo 3 to be honest. At times its been quite good, but at other times, I've disliked it a lot.First of all, Campaign mode continues right from the cliffhanger Halo 2 left us in. Master Chief lands near New Mombassa, and has to continue fighting the covenant. To avoid spoilers, I won't discuss the rest of the storyline but I will say this. Its quite disappointing compared to Halo 1 and 2.Halo 1 and 2 had a very good introduction level. The first Halo had a pretty memorabl...

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A good game, but at times flawed 0

Skate. is a skateboarding video game, where you design your own character, and enter a big city, where you can skate wherever you want, provided that you unlocked the locations in Career Mode first.The Flickit control scheme is a good idea that actually makes the game feel more realistic but its not executed perfectly. Examples are when you try to do a kickflip but end up doing either an Ollie or a Pop Shoveit instead. The hard fliptrick moves are exactly what it says on the tin, hard to do. You...

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Very good, but very different to GH2 0

Guitar Hero 3 is a great game, but definitely has a few minor flaws.GameplayThe gameplay is in some ways simple but it gets more complicated. In this game, you will play songs using the Guitar Controller, holding down the corresponding fret button and then strumming up or down on the strum bar. When hitting certain notes, you can obtain Star Power which will give you a double points bonus for a short amount of time. There are also more advanaced techniques which can be used, like hammer ons and ...

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