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This is awful, shocking and sad news. RIP Ryan Davis. Condolences to all the crew, friends and family.

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@Humanity said:

I wish people stopped using the term "trolling" at least in serious articles if not in all common day speech.

A hundred times this.

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Every time I read or hear anything about this game I really want to play it yet I know I don't have the patience for average shooter gameplay.

I say wait for a price drop then pick it up and play it on easy. It's a short game so there's not so much to endure and I think it's totally worth it.

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@BrianP said:

Edit: It's crazy to me that someone would believe sexism and sexual harassment is so integral to the way they interact with other human beings, that if you took it away it would fundamentally change the nature of the community (and even more crazy to think that it would make it WORSE as that dude seems to imply)

@Grondoth said:

The FGC needs to grow the fuck up already. There's nothing acceptable or funny about casual misogyny, and sexual harassment shouldn't be tolerated at all. They need to self police and make it clear that this sort of bullshit isn't allowed. If rpe jokes and harassment define your scene, you have a shit scene.

Shave that beard, Aris. You don't deserve it.

My thoughts exactly. Beard one included.

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@bgradio said:
" This is why my PS3 exists. "

Exactly. Can't wait for this!
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@FlipperDesert said:
" I think they mean playing in the tournament while not really being worthy of a spot in it based on skill.  I also guess all the message/friend request stuff is to combat cheating and throwing matches. "
If so, they should have phrased it better. The way it is right now "unfit to be a gamer" sounds like too ugly to be streamed on the internet to me.
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I already had my hopes up for this game, nice to hear that the demo didn't disappoint.  

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Oh god wat

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My main is M. Bison. I guess it's a matter of execution, really. Being a regular pad player I feel like I can pull off his bnb better than with other characters, and I find myself doing less silly things (such as jumping around and whiffing specials). I have a lot of fun using him, but I also wish to find a good alternative.