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Spotify for me. 10 bucks a month with the syncing songs to save on data, plus I haven't hit a single wall as far as artist I like. They even have Julia Nunes on there.

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My brother and I each bought the alpha for this last night. There's a better deal you get the earlier you buy it, and if you buy the Steam Codes 2 at a time. There was a really basic wiki article on the site but now it seems to be gone. 7 days to die has it's own wiki as far as crafting goes, but I'm just wondering if any other duders are playing the alpha right now? I never played Minecraft but it seems similar to that, but we had fun trying to figure out building and physics last night.

Hint: It doesn't matter how many rocks you use to block a door at night if you're staying in a tent.

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I have a redbox near me so that kind of curbs day one purchases for me. Also, it boils down to known quantities for me. There was a time (before the dark times, before the empire) that I would have bought a game just because it had Bioware's name on it. Now...not so much. Honestly, even Rockstar (my favorite company) was pushing it with all the wackiness around GTA V. In the next few years I'm not even sure what will get me to buy a game day one. Even as a avid online gamer, day one for shooter's and mmo's are often riddled with problems, so waiting always seems like the smart move.

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I bought my 3ds XL new and it is worth it. I haven't owned a handheld since the Game Boy (Not color, no advance...the GAME BOY) but with all these great titles, plus being able to play DS games on the cheap it's worth it.

I tried a 2ds but didn't like it. I have big hands (I'm 30) and couldn't really get into the fact that the main screen was smaller than my phone's. The 3DS XL has a great sized screen. and because of the folding I even watch netflix on it.

Here are a few bullet points:

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords is FREE for a limited time on the eshop

Lots of great downloadables including classic NES games.

Fire Emblem: Awaking might be the best game on the system, but I'm also really enjoying Link Between Worlds and Batman: Blackgate

There are tons of great DS games.

I play it mostly at home now as well.

Hope it helps!

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@vuud: You should be careful of those binders. If they're cheaply made then they can scratch the disc just a little every time to take the disc in or out. I found my CD binder from college and my god...

Also, you're putting all of your eggs in one basket with those things. Damaged, stolen or whatever you're running a huge risk.

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A big thank you the the GB duders who helped me sort through some games to pick up. It was a big list but thanks for cyber monday and black friday It was a breeze to get a healthy handheld library going!

One weird thing I'm noticing is that the "higher quality" the game tries to be (think Call of Duty) the crappier it is. I'm having way more fun with Gunman Clive (1.99 on the eshop) and games that pretty much would have been on the SNES back in my day. Thor, the Spiderman games and even Assassin's Creed 2 on the DS are AMAZING, as well as the turn based RPG's and puzzle games I've picked up. A lot of the 3DS titles I think try to hard to be "proper" games rather than making a cohesive experience.

I'm not sure if this only makes sense in my head or not but any duders who know what I'm talking about feel free to toss around any titles that play well on a handheld.

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@megasoum: In the exact same boat as you were. Found this SWEET controller in the layout of a 360 controller (it's the one I'm used to) and got about an hour in when that came up. Apparently there isn't a solution so I had to switch back to my DS3. Best I can say is buy a used one online.

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@lumley: Fire Emblem keeps hitting peoples lists, going to have to check it out despite the last JRPG I played was Eternal Sonata at a friends house. I guess I'm not a huge fan of the stroy telling style but I do love turn based combat,

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I can get behind Shadow War, I'm a huge Tom Clancy fan and Xcom fan. Does the first prof. layton game have a subtitle?

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I finally broke down and bought a 3DS XL for a few choice games like Scribblenauts Unmasked and some virtual console titles. I guess I have a couple of questions for the community:

1. How do the Lego games handle? I'm a big fan of that series on consoles and so are my nieces.

2. As someone who has never played through a JRPG, but has played Western RPGs is there a title you can recommend?

3. Any great games that can played for 10 minutes at a time?

4. I played around with the single card concept with a friend who has a DS, any good titles there?

5. What's the best Professor Layton game to start with?

6. Finally, just tell me your favorites. I've never played Pokemon, Animal Crossing or Final Fantasy before but hey, I might love them right?

I should also note this is my first handheld in well over 15 years so Feel free to add any titles from the DS as well. I'm a particular fan of Superheroes and anything with a great artistic direction.