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So I decided to check out the remote play feature and sought out a PS Vita. I laughed heartily at the email on the podcast talking about the lack of New Vitas but HOLY FREAKING SHIT there aren't any. like...ANY.

I settled on one for 130 bucks in "like new" condition on amazon. Feel pretty good about it even though it takes forever to show up.

I'm wondering if anyone has heard news about a new model or something coming out, or if there was just a surge of them because of the PS4.

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So here's what I propose for Thursday:

I wanted to write this to the Bombcast, but I was too busy at work to remember.

On Thursday, at my lunch break (12pm E.S.T.) I'm going to raise my glass and say "Fuck, Ryan Davis" in salute to Ryan. If you happen to think about it, feel free to join me. I'll have the luxury of being alone in my car. Godspeed if you're in a crowded office somewhere.

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@rowr: That sentence about Sid Meiers Pirates just about spun me around, because I have a pretty big obsession with that game, including my xbox version, my pc version, my ipad version....

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@mindbullet: Any idea on what the run time is if I just blast though the story and do some of the side stuff? It's 40 bucks on amazon and I hear its gorgeous on the PS4.

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So here's the thing. Part of me doesn't like this franchise, but part of me LOVES the idea of it.

I was probably the most amped for the first game, and really felt like it was a let down. I eventually played most of 2 but got bored of the repetition. Part of brotherhood, part of three (mainly the multiplayer), and I've never touched 4.

I love the concept though. I love stealth action. Splinter Cell, Batman, The Last of Us. Love them.

Now Unity has my attention because of the co-op. I'll seriously play anything with that feature, so here's the question:

Should I play AC IV: Black Flag because it's rating so much better than AC III? Maybe it's time to give it a good shot? Or maybe I should download the stand alone Freedom Cry and just see if it wets my whistle?

At the core of it, I hate the story of those games. I would have been much happier without the Desmon blood machine stuff, so I'm not worried so much about it not making sense, because that game already doesn't make sense (to me).

Just wondering what die hard AC players think. There has to be something to it being an annual franchise. I even want to know what people who fell out or love or got on the franchise late.

This is also in part of having a PS4 and there not being a lot of games out yet.

Thanks Duders!

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I can see peoples hesitation to meet people off the internet, but since I do internet dating it's not really that foreign of an idea to me. Without getting into too much specifics I'm in between D.C. and Baltimore, MD so if any duders wanna do a meet up feel free to let me know! I've met two other people who were already friends who listen to the Bombcast, but no strangers yet.

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Hey I'm from D.C.!

Seriously though, just change the mascot to a Redskin potato and be done with it. Keep the classic "R" symbol and the fight song.

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I'm just curious if this has been brought up, or if it's frowned upon or even not really allowed and if that's the case, my bad.

Does anyone ever look to find local duders in their area? I won't go into my details just yet, but I've always wondered how many people happen to be followers of Giant Bomb who also live in my area. We used to do yearly meet ups with my WoW guild and we would find a public place to meet and grab food and such. I'm just honestly wondering why I haven't seen anything along these lines.

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@vegetashonor: I was thinking the same thing. Like, will this ever not be on the top of the forum pages? Probably not I imagine.

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@steadyingmeat: Damn I was hoping for unlimited glide. How could they miss that? I think Video has the best shooting, Neon the best maneuverability for getting around long distance and smoke has the short distance down pretty well. Really wish you could change up on the fly and just stock pile energy For melee I think Neon has the best, because, well, laser swords.