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It got better near the end and I think the last episode was great. Unfortunately it wasn't as sci-fi'y as I would have hoped. More non Human aliens and go deeper into the SG universe would have done it for me. All in all I think they just hopped on the BSG band wagon and deviated from the other SG's so it was harder to sell.

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I honestly thought this was a new food website for a good 15 minutes. Good luck to you guys, seriously. I've really just been a fan of the people never mind the technical side of things so if this means you get to do the stuff you want to do it has to be a good thing.

Shame that Will and Norm won't be coming over but their stuff blew my mind!

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Damn! I nearly took a job there before Christmas! Glad I didn't but this is really bad news :( I've been going to this place since it was an Electronics Boutique. Time to cash in my reward points then :(

I hope they don't go under, them being one of the better places to get games and the good people they employ.

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I wish the dragon sword wasn't that accessible at the start of the game cos it's all I use. If I switch I feel uber weak.

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@SpawnMan: Yeah the kindling is perm at that bonfire. You probably won't have access to a lot of humanity at the start because it drops of rats. you'll have to farm from firelink to undeadburg bonfire to level up and get some.

I think you can cheese the dragon and get a ton of souls but I'm leaving him there to farm the mobs he kills.

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I had trouble on the same part. You've got to edge forward to the boss, making sure you have enough estus flasks. You can get the gold pine resin if you have the master key or key from the vendor. You'll die a couple of times on the boss if you're to impatient but it's a great feeling when you do. Kindling lets you have 10 estus but you need to be human first and costs humanity.

on the boss, try jumping down from the turret where the archers are and do a drop attack. (light attack when falling) with the gold pine resin(+lightning dmg) = easyfight.

so keep calm and carry on!

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Ah thank goodness Max Von Sydow is in this. Dune the video game is near completion!

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Blank spots on my CV? That's what p45s and pink slips are for.

I'm not saying what happened was right. It clearly wasn't but this isn't an issue of employment, it's an issue of employers not valuing employees. It's happening in most places unfortunately but the companies that actually invest in people are the ones that will be around for a long time.

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Made an impact on me, that's for sure. For those who argue about needing "gritty realism" to evoke some emotional response try reading a book or a poem - the ones without pictures.

For me, in terms of gameplay for lack of a better word, I got two things from it. First I played cautiously, prodding the figure until the end. I fired in the air feeling pretty proud of myself until I was informed that had I made that decision in real life, I would have been shot as well. I started to think about Cambodia and all I've seen and read.

I started again, this time driving the figure forward without stopping, thinking about what I would do when I got to the Killing Fields again. We didn't make it. I jump out of my seat. My heart didn't stop racing for about a minute. I think about all the explosions in games I've played, the atmosphere that Battlefield 3 will bring and how mundane it really is.

I think games can be so much more, I would love to see what a mind like Peter Molyneux or Ken Levine could do interms of interaction. I doesn't matter if the story is fact like this or fiction. It's about the interaction and response and so far games have required very little from us.

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I just remember driving