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The future of "real" gaming is the PC. Streaming is getting easier and better so being able to play on your tv isn't going to be an issue and game publishers don't have to pay licence fees and can control their pricing better cutting out the retailers. Mobile phones and tablets have already replaced consoles as gifts. I'll be surprised if microsoft puts down another console next generation and unless sony does something soon they'll be bankrupt in the next 10 years (Project Morpheus?)

I don't think gaming is going to die but its definitely going to change in the next 10 years the death of the first party is going to significantly affect the number of story based games in the future the last of us might actually end up being one of the last great story based games leading more to multiplayer only based experiences.

When John Riccitiello predicted and bet the future of EA that everything had to have an online component he was right he just predicted it one generation too early.

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Surely nintendo can weather a poor generation after the success of the wii? I'm sure in a few years they'll bounce back with some other crazy new device. I would be very sad if they got out the hardware game as they're really the only games company that really does try new things every generation.

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I'm going to get a FIFA14 code but i would rather have Forza does anyone want to swap codes?

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How did you manage to get Day One preorder this late?

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I will miss your infectious laugher

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@snide: awesome! I'm sure you guys know what you're doing :-) Mongo isn't bad, it just gets very difficult to deal with once file sizes get very large and the auto sharding can cause problems if you're not careful with it. Redis is pretty sweet and can do loads of cool things, although i'm still leaning towards memcachd + beanstalkd + nginx combo. I prefer small flexible components and tend to also steer away from full stack web development and focus on small service APIs. The upsurge in Composer usage has made managing dozens of small services much easier also.

I hope you get time to do more designer live streams in the future. Would love to get the chance to talk more about what goes on in the running of your sites.

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I really hope you're being careful with your NoSQL implementation, especially if you're using MongoDB. I work as a sys admin and i'm getting a growing number of calls from companies in trouble over the last 6 months.

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Whats the benefit of Hardcore mode? Can you get better loot drops or are there only achievements to make hardcore something worth doing?

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The graphics don't look great but i'm willing to forgive that if it plays right. The problem with side scrolling fighting games is the pace doesn't feel quite right anymore. Even going back to playing more recent classics like streets of rage, modern games just play a lot faster. I think its the call of duty effect.

I don't really want to hit the same guy 50 times to kill him, instead there should be 50 guys you need to hit once and time perfectly. Thats what it takes to feel like a badass in a video game now. Precision and speed.

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@Shivoa: Thanks for your advice, any suggestions on a decent mild blend to get started on?