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What you all thinking of the new one? Fast game play an character development throughout looks brilliant! But like the live stream said last night do you think the damage she takes is too unrealistic? 

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New interactive games such as dance central 2 and Disney adventures showing off the capabilities of the kinect, were on show yesterday also big names like Mass Effect 3 and BioShock Infinite making brief appearances with 3 days to go what else is going to be brought forward

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Its better selling to upgrade your pc then to sell it for an ipad like the Chinese kid did
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yay, good this will make my fiance happy

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I'm getting Married in less than 3 weeks and it's cost me under £1,000 when the average UK wedding it £15,000. That's including dress, venue, meals etc the main help was family and friends. Got my dress on sale, partner got a £300 suit as a gift from 6 of his friends, DJ is paid my parents and everything was bought in sales, hand made favours with candles and pebbles as centre peices a £200 cake free by a friend, it's all about calling in favours to keep costs down so then you have the money to do what you like. My reception was main expense at a coastal penguin park however I only have 50 guests. Good luck with everything

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I think these new seasons are brilliant but you have to think more. They're not half as scary as the Darleks who couldn't climb stairs but terrorised the streets and scared children. I love Dr Who but this series has focused every episode into finding out the end result unlike some of the other seasons plus it's mean to make us wait til autumn.

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This is handy, this will be my first time watching E3 stuff.

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Hi I'm Network_punks fiancee, Yay for videogames !