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Don't get one where its visible even with a shirt on. If you do, good luck finding a job. Tattoos are stupid and I've never seen the appeal.

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They are just handing free days out left and right. Can't wait to try my sith warrior on the F2P servers. Jk, I wouldn't touch it even if it was free.

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Air conditioning.

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...So don't race and you won't need a helmet. Seriously, if you aren't going fast, you will never land on your head. I'm not 12 and I only use a bike to get to campus sometimes so I would pick not looking like a jackass when I travel.

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OP, you are forgetting the great tracks from Banjo 1. Click Clock Wood, Rusty Bucket Bay, pretty much the whole damn thing. God that was a good game.

I also loved in Glitter Gulch Mine when you approached a miner, they popped up and yelled "yeee haw!". Cracks me up every time.

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I feel like a damn nerd knowing what big and little endian are.

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I really liked it. The problem with these games though is they severely underestimate the intelligence of the reader and feel the need to explain everything in 20 min that could have been left up to subtlety for the reader to grasp. Once that 20 min is done, the characters have to talk about it too, so you just get really beat down.

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I really, really, did not like the first song. The second one was just OK.

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Dead Space 2 is a great answer.

No one has said ME2 though? Really? It's a fantastic game, start to finish. So well paced and put together. How is it not the definition of polish?

How about because about 5 hours into the game my character floated up to the ceiling and couldn't get down? And I played after all the patches. Or a number of other bugs that remain in the game? You can argue that the story is polished but the game has its share of bugs.

I can honestly say I never encountered any bugs while playing; in my 4-5 play throughs I should have encountered some if they were at all prevalent. If that was your experience though, I can see why you wouldn't agree.

That said, I would argue that a polished storyline and experience far outweighs the random bug a game might carry.

I remember I got caught behind some boxes and fell through the floor lol.

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Never understood why Audiosurf was so revered.