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I am always open to liberal opinions but I had when they dismiss conservative wekljl;sfjasdjflk;jdsfjakljsl;kfjskldsfd.

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Still loving the Kanye West hate. This guy has had what... 5 or 6 amazing albums? I'm even including 808's and Heartbreak. Hell, if I had his track record, I would be cocky too.

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Why are you borrowing a ps2? They are dirt cheap.

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I remember I went to a friend's house and played Secret of Mana on SNES. That game was so fucking good and still is. I followed Legend of Mana until it came out almost every day.

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Still waiting for that game to get fun because no, farming for the cobweb duster was not in any way fun. I'm on the mexican guy stage with the bulls.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • Everything Zelda OoT was, but with a freaky story that made the world you played in seem very sad and dark, but your actions really changed things around you.
  • It remixed concepts, characters and ideas from other Zelda's into a mix that was both familiar and fresh enough to not be considered a easy port.
  • Some of the best bosses and gameplay from the series, I still feel like I didn't explore everything and I've gotten all masks and hearts.

Video relevant:

Yes, I'm beginning to think this game was top 3 for me; definitely my favorite zelda game by far.

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@frankfartmouth said:

Playing old school games with my daughter is probably my favorite thing to do on earth. We play a lot of Turbografx--Devil's Crush, Aero Blasters, and Dungeon Explorer mostly. Super Dodge Ball and Kirby's Adventure on the NES are a couple more she loves. Good times.

Judging by your avatar, you are an amazing person.

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I actually purchased Mario Party 9 for me and my friends...when we decide to get inebriated... and it doesn't have the same feel as the others. The mini-games were very well made but just the radical changes such as being in a car made the game shitty. Sorry for derailing this topic, just a rant. I will stick with Mario Party 2, the pinnacle of the series, until I decide to grow up.

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Definitely the beat. If the beat sucks, I'm not interested in the lyrics- its the same with rock music and melody or riffs.

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I can't say I was surprised when I first played it. Rockstar absolutely has terrible multiplayer in its games. Seriously, GTA IV and RDR's multiplayer was so bad, it was insulting.