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How you should have run the contest was to ask people how the contest should be run. That would have been the best contest ever!

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I only had time to update my status the other day with the news, but I have stepped down from the job as well.  I would accept it again in a heartbeat, though.

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I got something along the lines of procedures manager or something.  Good times.

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Incorrect name, self-admittedly not yet in a game.

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Usually if part of a submission is good, but another part isn't (usually it's either been copied off another site or a more complete version already exists) the invalid part gets rejected and we push the rest through.  I can't say (since I don't know) exactly what happened in your case, though.

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TheOGVandalvideo said:
"Ever heard the expressoin that "a picture is worth a thousand words"? I've wrote a few articles, but at the same time I find it much harder to take quality screenshots than it is to write an article. Articles are all about paraphrasing experiences, while capturing a really good screenshot is about portraying an experience. Its much harder to do the latter than it is to write an article. I spend a lot more time putting together two or three screenshots than I do writing a two page quickie on Vandal Hearts. Then again I'm sure there are people who take advantage of screenshots, just as there are people who take advantage of wikipedia for their articles."
Well said indeed.  Unfortunately, not only is the point true that not everyone takes as much care as you do in your screenshots, but it's much harder to say "no" to legitimate screenshots of games just because there are a lot of them than it is to wikicopies, which are solid evidence.
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Absurd said:
"No wonder it takes so long to moderate things D:
No, it takes so long because there are almost 15,000 of you submitting excellent work!
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Submissions moderators don't have forum tags yet.

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GMOLE said:

"How would the crew at Giantbomb know someone copied and paste from Wikipedia?

Easy, we Google everything we get.