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I have only seen tidbits of it. some sort of sex scandel? I dunno!

The mods have been going nuts with it lately. Its frustrating when people talk about things you apparently "can't talk about"

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"Quicklook" is a terrible and misleading title to the videos. A vast majority of quicklooks are over 20 minutes, longer than watching an episode of a sitcom on netflix. Some are even multiple hours long. There is nothing quick about them.

I get it, they wanna keep the original name, but if i was cooking you pasta but burnt the pasta and put the sauce on chicken to make a shitty chicken parm, i wouldnt keep calling it pasta, now would i?

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I gotta go with 3. It's closely followed by 1.

They're the most grounded in reality, and believable. Well i mean you could accept it for the most part. sexy sniper lady who likes dogs, thats actually completely believable. Big crazy shaman dude with a minigun? Sure! why not. a gunslinger? sure!. i mean yeah in three it got a bit wacky....i mean there was a guy who's super power was BEEEEEEEEEEEES. but the story and characters felt so much better. It was fantastic.

2 and 4....ugh, so convoluted and stupid. Just complexity for the sake of being complex. you got a fat guy on roller blades, school girls, a vampire guy who's apparently allergic to wearing shirts, NANOMACHINESSSSS. it's just so silly and dumb. I totally understand why people might like these ones more, but boy...the dumbness to me just wasn't the right flavor, and i can appreciate dumb. It's just so god damn hard to take an extremely self serious story seriously when it's making you fight a fat dude on roller blades...Also, raiden sucks.

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@tyrrael said:

Mouse & Keyboard controls are not superior to, nor are they inferior to, using a controller for first person shooters. They are merely different and a matter of preference.

Using WASD for movement just doesn't feel as good to me as using an analog stick, not to mention, way too many things are mapped to keys that your left hand is using. Without a mouse that has a bunch of buttons, you're using your left hand for basically everything. This makes it difficult to perform certain actions. For example, how am I supposed to strafe right while holding the G key to cook a grenade prior to throwing? I'm not hating on anyone that prefers keyboard and mouse, but it's not as perfect as so many people claim. The controller generally has everything evened out between the two hands more, which I like a lot better.

I prefer using a controller over keyboard for shooters. Even though years ago i was full KB & mouse guy, today, i find playing shooters with a mouse to feel too much like im "clicking on dudes" rather than shooting them. Obviously a mouse is more accurate, but it just feels lame and unsatisfying.

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Im no longer subscribed, but i know i'd have ALOT of /played. granted it wouldnt be a very accurate "played" stat. since i often would log into WoW mute it, and watch tv "with' guildies using WoW as a glorified chat room. But it'd be really high, i'd also often leave myself logged in for long periods of time without playing, i'd just log in and leave my dude there for no reason. But i bet alot of people do that.

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I hope for a new Red Dead.

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Anime is a pretty wide medium. With dramas, comedies, romance, action, ect. I'm not even a big anime fan. I HATE any chibi shit where the faces get all big and wacky. It's awful.

Wrestling however is fake fighting between oiled up men in speedos with badly written story-lines. How a grown man can enjoy that is mind boggling.

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I will watch it.

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This whole thing is crazy, almost surreal.

In a weird way i sort of wish i was there just to experience it.