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Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States

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Guys, this is obviously Frog Fractions 2. Too easy!

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Yep bought one.

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I also live right off of Lake Michigan. I have a 3ft snow drift in my road and its like -20 with wind chill. I don't think I'm going to work today.

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Figures they do a live podcast at the exact same time I have to go get some fillings. Fuck you dental hygiene, ruining everything!

I guess I will have to see if I cant stream it from my phone and just get the audio.

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Paper, Please is an amazing game. Bravo Patrick!

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I knew Ian for a bit, though a mutual friend, back when he was living in Michigan. One of the smartest dudes I've ever meant. Good luck to him!

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"What is death I do no know" may be the best caption on this site.

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Bought a movie off of the service on PS4 to check it out. It seems like there is no way to store the movie on the hard drive and the streaming is absolutely horrible. They have a speed tool before you purchase the movie and it said I was more that fine for HD playback but when I play it I can't get more than a bar of the quality. I left it paused for a while hoping it would buffer but it doesn't seem to buffer anything at all.

Anyone else having problems? Am I missing something. My internet is perfectly fine and speedy normally.

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I'm definantly not getting anything under the What's New or any game descriptions. They were working on day one so I assume they turned these things off to handle the load better.