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Star wipe GO!

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Very cool duder!

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I actual thought it was one of the weaker podcast recently. Oh well.

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@The_Nubster said:

I am way bummed, no Bombcast yet. Any rumblings from Ryan on twitter about it?

no, hes too busy retweeting stupid shit

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I really hope Ryan posts it soon so I can listen to it tonight. He likes to hold onto them for no reason.

Edit: guess not, got to go to bed soon. Oh well, got in a car accident and totaled my car and no bombcast for me tonight. What a fucking great day.

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come on bombcast!

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@kingofpeanuts said:

I still won't reinstall it.

Same. Totally over the game. Would have been still playing it it they released it halfway balanced and not full of dirtbag business practices.

Its hard even for myself to understand how much I dislike that game in hindsight after loving it for the 30+ hours I put into it.

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wow, just....

I think this is Ryan greatest dream depicted right there.

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Can't wait. Will Smith in the house!

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Enjoying it so far. Once you get a hang of the cover mechanics it works marvelously and turns into more a game of tactics. Some of my favorite strategies include false retreating around a corner to lure some one to advance then shotgunning them, use a Warbringer as line of sight shield to cover your advance, and using Satellite to flank and decimate entire teams from behind. And once you learn the map layouts your can retreat effectively to lose your foes or flank with ease. I bet if you got a good coordinated team together you could decimate.

Its a good time waster to play while waiting for Darksiders 2.