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It bothers me that we spend tax dollars letting people like him live a relatively comfortable life in prison. Prisoners live better than most poverty stricken Americans.

ya, thats true. He will probably get HBO. I dont even get HBO!

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pre-ordering is dumb when you cant walk into any big box store day one and there is tons of the game. It takes me literally less than 10 minutes to buy a game at Best Buy without pre-order. They can keep their extra BS.

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@OppressiveStink: I don't think Paterno is not in the wrong, but I'm pretty sure no one has a clue about how much he actually knew about what was going on.

Basically, just telling people to shut up when they have no clue what they are talking about. People shouldn't be shtting on a old man's grave when they don't know what he did or did not do.

PLUS, its is very common for average people not to report crime. Remember when that whole neighborhood watched a guy get murdered and no one called the cops. People lock up in that situation, especially if its a friend/co-worker.

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Nothing to me, but if my dad even has half a glass of Coke or the like, he won't be able to sleep all night.

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Really fat people have no one to blame but themselves (and probably their fat parents). I'm not going to go around making fun of them though because I know if it weren't for my naturally high metabolism I would probably be a fat fuck. Even if your not like me, genetics can easily be over come by healthy eating and working out. Life's not fair (something people forget way to often) and some people have to work harder than others. So I won't make fun of you but don't come crying to me when you can't walk because of the stroke you had at 25.

And really, the culture in America does not help. Honestly we need nutrition regulations here bad, seeing as people here are too stupid to keep themselves alive and health....

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Can they not hire Rorie and just hire a box full of puppies? Same thing right?

JK, love you Rorie!

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^^^ I like that one.

Cable and Deadpool! Spider-man and Wolverine!.... oh wait, video games!

I would say Kratos and ....Spider-man? really you just need a super serious straight man and someone that has good quips.

To me thats what any good duo needs.

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@ajamafalous said:

I fully believe that the reason Joe Paterno died is because he had nothing left to live for after he was fired, so fuck this guy.

Joe Paterno protected a child rapist, so fuck him. I'm glad he got fired, and now that he's dead I'm glad this will forever be a big shit smear on his memory.

First of all, fuck YOU! As far as I know never met the dude so how do you know he deserves it? As far as I remember, he told his bosses about the situation and they are they ones who did nothing.

So, ya its fucked up about the kids, but its also fucked up that one of the greatest coaches of all time gets his rep smashed for no reason (well, less fucked up, but you get my drift).

So unless you have the FUCKING POWER OF GOD to look into people souls after they already died to see what they did wrong, you should shut the fuck up you sick fuck. What kind of person is glad people are dead even though they DID NOTHING WRONG? So in my eyes, your more fucked than Paterno.

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How is wishing prison rape or violent torture making us any better than him? The amount of bloodlust in this thread is disturbing.

also this. seriously. fucking internet. hes getting what he deserved, no doubt. We dont need your guys own sick sexual fantasies.

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@FateOfNever said:

I have never heard of any of these sites or people before in my life. That's my thought on this situation.

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Things I took away:

4 stars is the new 3 stars.

Vinny rocks