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wait... Ryan? I thought everyone hated Patrick?

and even thats crazy!

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@cheeckoo said:

@Cloneslayer: seriously ? Mike Miller ? Oo

for my part I'm glad to see Eddy Cury joining the likes of Adam Morrison

It's nice to see Miami play with 6 guys for a change, a preview of next year maybe ? the sad thing is that Westbrook is going to be the scapegoat for OKC

I guess I was wrong 5 years ago when I said that Lebron couldn't win if he was the best player in his team, and I tip my hat to Battier

Mike Miller was pretty good when he played for Memphis and hes played pretty awesome in the Playoffs this year.

OKC is going to continue to get better and they will defiantly be contenders again next year. They are young and have a good organization behind them, they got a long run ahead of them

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I really hate Lebron, because he is a fan-hating, back stabbing ass hole and I really hoped he would never get a ring. (and I'm not even a Cavs fan!)

But at least Mike Miller will get one to, and he deserves it.

Also fuck Heat fans because 90% of them are bandwagon-ing assholes who dont know shit about basketball.

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@SmilingPig said:

... Ok, I don’t know if it’s because we use kilometers here or if my sense of humor is just dead from all those stupid Seinfeld episodes I had to watch with my Girlfriend but... I still don’t get it.

Don't you dare bring your Seinfeld hate into here! Its a TV classic.

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@ZeForgotten said:

I'm sorry for not hopping on his bandwagon, Rodmans crazy was just not my thing, simple as that

I don't think Rodman has a bandwagon at this point, lol. You can choose not to like him, you cant choose to ignore how good he was. I hate Lebron but I don't deny hes one of the best playing now.

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@ZeForgotten said:

OH MY GOD! DENNIS FUCKING RODMAN?! HE WAS SO AWESOME WH... Nope, he never was, my bad. Had him confused with someone important, carry on!

He was a hall of fame basketball player who won multiple championships on multiple teams and led the league in rebounds for 7 years. What they fuck did you do?

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Clearly, the OP has no clue what underrated means.

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People have a right to bitch at the downright DISGUSTING business practices that Blizzard has killed this game with. I wish I never bought this pile of shit. Is it a fun game? Yes. But everything around it sucks royal ass.

People want to just play their fucking game, not have it be ruled by the RMAH, which from now forward will be the ONLY factor Blizzard patches this game to suck every fucking penny out of the people stupid enough to waste their money.

Until this game came out I loved Blizzard but the shit they pulled I'm fucking out. I played WoW for years and never had reason to be pissed off even though they have been slowly killing that game since BC.

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Wow, this is just disgusting. Everything about this game pisses me off more and more. If I could go back in time and not buy this I would. I will never support Blizzard again.

You can't limit people who paid in FULL to your fucking game to combat gold farmers or whatever BULLSHIT excuse they came up with. Gold farmers and hackers are Blizzards problem, not they people who pay their REAL FUCKING MONEY to play this game.

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I was sold at "Its like Advance Wars."