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You know, this could work....

If they leave established canon alone and set the film in somewhere we haven't explored...perhaps a movie about the history of the order, or about a group of Assassins working in 2012 against Abstergo.

I just want them to leave the game canon alone and turn their attention to other parts of the AC Universe that could do with a good fleshing out on screen...with subtle ties to the games in there for the uber-fans

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If you skipped the original I wouldn't bother going back to play it.

Just pick up The Secret Crusade by Oliver Bowden and read that.

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I want him to have a guiding hand over Homefront....just put them in the right direction for a decent Single Player Campaign.
Rest of Homefront, the setting and backstory, was great...KAOS just sucked at doing Single Player...Frontlines was the same.

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Meh Activision can screw itself.

Blood Stone was by no means a stand out game, but it was like a Bond movie.....I actually got the feeling of being Bond while I played it and Bizarre did a pretty good job with it. It was a fun game.

I guess they're using the franchise to kill off any studio's they think are under preforming, since they're too obsessed with their games all selling millions upon millions of copies.

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@ch13696: No. 
This is Pre-Order Bonuses, not DLC. So MS can't tell them to do shit.
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Thought I'd add mine to this, as I'd never been able to get both Jack and Miranda loyal because of that stupid Bitch Fight. 
So this time around I went into the Final Fight with everyone Loyal except for MIranda, this is how it went 
Vents: Tali 
Leader: Garrus 
Biotic: Samara 
Leader 2: Garrus 
Escort: Mordin 
Final Team: Legion and Garrus. 
Low and behold, everyone finally survived.  
I figured that since Miranda was Cerberus she'd always have a higher Loyalty to the mission, regardless of whether she was Loyal to Shepard, so I just excluded her from everything and it all went fine. 
So I will be definately leaving this save alone for Mass Effect 3....mainly because I want Legion usable. He gets way too little time.

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Hah I got my Collectors Edition pre-ordered....and  saw that EB Australia has the Classic Pack as their pre-order bonus. 
New Vegas + Vault 13 Suit is going to be so goddamned awesome. I cannot wait for this....

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@freakin said:

" @jaymorgoth said:

" Still...i would really have liked the game to go more in the direction of that movie pitch. That pitch has ruined MK for me cause it's all i want now... "
Agreed...  Plus, it's using the MK vs. DC engine, which isn't a good thing.   Not so much because it played terrible, but more because it looked terrible.  Well there's always MK10 with it's movie tie in to give us Reptile's Authentic head eating minigame. "
 "The release mentions an "all-new graphics engine," which makes it sound like it's more than a repurposing the technology used in 2008's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which ran on the Unreal Engine." 
Doesnt sound like they're using the MKvsDC engine to me. 
Either way   that looks exactly like the MK game I've always wanted, Mortal Kombat I & II with 3D models, but using a 2D-esque fighting mode....I'm actually excited now. That Director's Treatment looked great for use in a movie, but I want the games to go back to their roots more. 
Mortal Kombat on the Master System is where I got my start with fighting games. Will always be my favourite.
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Is there really any choice? 
I want the Classic Pack, hope to god thats the one EB out here in Oz chooses to give us....because I want that Vault 13 vault suit.....Nostalgia FTW. 
Hopefully they put them up on XBL down the track if we dont get any out here.....