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Effing America Jones. What the...

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@adam1808 said:

Was this intended to be hilarious?

I hope a man in a suit somewhere within Activision looked at it and thought that it was "wicked awesome".

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@gamerpigeon said:

Its just it is meant to be a Video Game Podcast so to take almost 2hrs+ to get beyond the Life stuff and EVE was crazy.

I had heard that Eve was a video game.

Whoever told you that is a damn liar.

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That was the effing best. My money really is going to the best website in the world every month.

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Putting the Ducktales song in that trailer was the best idea ever, I haven't even touched the original game but that song compels me to buy this remastered edition anyways.

God, I loved that cartoon.

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@jace said:

@deegee said:

"I've never read the comics, but all the characters are shit and poorly written."

Goddamn Patrick. Goddamn.

Huh, that's the same logic he uses for his feminist arguments too.


Seriously though, this was really hard to get through mostly because of Patrick for reasons already stated a million times in the comment section.

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Patrick needs to redefine what he considers gorgeous. He throws it out there for every other game.

It is also profound, unbelievably good and ostensible.