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Never again, Spark Unlimited. Never again.

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She would be a great cum dumpster, but hey she's doing her thing making money and living life. Still I remember when my cousins used to watch her Hannah Montana show. She seem like such a clean girl at the time, but now became one of those dirty girls, those freaky nasty bitches that will make you busts all kiiindsss of quality nuts, all kiiindsss...

Falserelic, please stop.

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You know, I like Red Dead Redemption more than the next guy but even I feel that you're laying it on a little thick.

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@video_game_king: Yes. At my school we had a teacher who thought having your left hand be the dominant one was weird and wrong, therefore I was forced to use my right.

It was not even comparable to learning a language in terms of difficulty. Learning a language was nothing compared to that.

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I'll admit, that was a shitty example. Allow me a better one: Princess Crown is a poorly designed game because it doesn't take my language needs into consideration. I have a difficult time reading it, which is quite the problem for an action RPG.

That's somehow an even shittier example.

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@extomar said:

Not buying a game because it is short is like not buying Madden because it is football. It is arbitrary, irrational, and ultimately not a problem.

I'm not really on either side of this arguement, but this is probably one of the shittiest analogies ever constructed.

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I'm good.

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@cloudenvy said:

@grissefar: That kind of depends on who you are asking, don't you think? I could probably throw 10 shows at you that I think are masterpieces and only one or two people would agree with me.

Also, The Wire isn't that great.

*runs away*

No, if the show is good enough, then anybody you ask should agree it's great right? Like with The Wire, everybody that has seen it will agree it's amazing for many reasons, but not that many has seen it.

What? No, that's not how it works at all. It's as @truthtellah says, nothing is liked by everyone.