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Random game-geek from Norway with slight hints of a god complex. 
I'm neutral when it comes to consoles and pc. I respect them all equally, even though all I have is a 360, a wii and a pc incapable of running the newest games. 
I also hate fanboys/girls who can't accept that their systems has flaws as well, and keeps viewing it as a gift from God Almighty himself. I know that the xbox has a chance of RRoD'ing, and it has happened to me, but I still love the system!  
I know that the ps3 has/had a lack of games and the main console is way to overpriced, but I still love playing it at my friends house. 
I know that the Wii is based mostly for kids, and has about four or five decent games for grownups, but I still love playing it with my sis or bro. 
Face it fanboys/girls! No system is perfect! GIVE! IT! UP! 
Also, I'm not a big fan of Mario. He's way overused. I can't see why people like him so much.