Ranking up with Style

So, I've never been much of an online gamer, especially when it comes to FPS online. I love the fps format though and I play most of the big ones through the singleplayer, because my experience from first person shooters online can simply be boiled down to 12 year olds shouting over the mic, campers and afk'ers. Now, I won't say that I've never played first person shooters online. I have played a big amount of Halo 3 and TF2 in my time, but that too has slowed down. So, after hearing friends and not to mention the Giantbomb forums talking about the brilliant multiplayer in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 it got me thinking: I really wanna play this online and rank up not only my character but myself and my view on online gaming! 
So, I thought I would use this blog to log how/if my view is changing, and maybe one day I'll end up loving the online shooter as well!
I've already played two rounds online and it did not go directly horrible. I died alot, but I did get a few kills and ended up on the winning team in the second round and all in all, it was great fun, so now, I'm gonna head to the TV and play more!
(The game is being played on 360, if you would like to join me, my gamertag is Cloudleet)
 Session 1: Booted it up to find that my progress from my two previous rounds had been wiped. I looked around and found that this has happened to a few people and that it will be fixed in an update. I only had time for one round before I had to go to work and I ended up with a K/D ratio of 5:26. This is gonna take some time.
Session 2: Today went alot better than yesterday, averaging over 6 rounds on a K/D ratio of 6/13. Unlocked a Sniper Rifle and reached Rank 1 (so I guess that means the game will actually admit I'm playing it now.) Had a lot of fun and can't wait to play more.
So, haven't gotten the time to play this lately, due to new games constantly coming out, but I have not given up and will continue as soon as I can.
Session 3: Things have started to roll. I reached Rank 2, got two pins (7 Sniper kills and 7 LMG kills). The game is getting more fun by the round.


Sega All-Star Racing

 This friday, like many before it, I was at a mates place, trying out the new SEGA racing-game. Even though it acted like a Mario Kart clone and smelt heavily like lust for money, it was an entertaining game. I'm not saying that the game will jump in my collection anytime soon or anytime at all, but it was a decent timekiller you play at your friends house and maybe once more in the future.

Though the game played ok, and was certainly way better than I'd expected, there were still a few things that irked me.

1) My friend had gotten the 360version of the game and the main sellingplot there was that Banjo & Kazooie were exclusives to this version. Now.... I don't feel that's such a great sellpoint, and I hate when they give console-exclusive characters to games, like Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4, or Spawn, Link and Heihachi (which I still don't get! everyone knows Hworang is the best) in Soul Calibur 2 and not to mention the possibility to play as the Joker in Arkham Asylum for the PS3. But... come on, Banjo & Kazooie?! Yes, they are good characters, and their first game is on my top 30, but as an exclusive?! It doesn't make it acceptable that they are driving in a car you could make in Nuts & Bolts either...

2) What the hell is "Sega Miles" and why do they exist?

3) Even though I won a race or two, the game still counted that as a win to my friend... That's not nice at all!

4) How come AiAi is driving a car and not a motorized ball?

5) Shadow the Hedgehog.... c'mon, can't we all just agree that the real ending to his game was him being shot between the eyes and the developers coming on screen and apologizing for making us sitting through the whole damn game?

and, most importantly;

6) Why would they place Sonic in a car?! This is the fastest hedgehog alive! Why can't he just run?! Why does he have to have a blue little car that sucks when compared to say Ulala's floating iPad? Is it to make it so that not everyone chooses sonic, because if he were running he'd run around the course twice before the enemies came to the first pickups?
What's next? Superman flying coach? Batman taking the bus? Wolverine using band-aids?

Other than that, good game, but not something you wanna use your top bucks on.

Cheers, Goten 

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