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A friend and I bought Nocturne a long time ago, still one of the best games I have ever played.

Also, Dragon Quest VIII. Just bought it because I was in a DragonBall phase and I saw the Toriyama artstyle. Goddamn I loved that game.

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I was at work that day, fourth out of ten late-shifts in a row, so was feeling pretty tired. It was the middle of the summer, we had no customers at all and I could not close shop until 2300. So I was walking around, nothing to do, I oddly remember how I was next to the spices when a friend sent me a link. I saw the words Ryan Davis and some number I reckoned had to be at least a birthdate and I froze once I saw 2013.

After half a minute of just staring at the link I started lying to myself. "Nah, that would never happen, it's probably a funny tweet or an amazing video from his recent wedding, nothing to get alarmed about. I'll just go to the office and check it out". Then I opened the link and my stomach fell. This couldn't be, he just got married, he's just on his honeymoon. And sadness consumed me. Thank god there was nothing to do the rest of the day, because I had checked out for the day. I could not do a single thing. I locked the doors at 2245, and walked home, a 45 minute walk, listening to an old podcast (GRIN episode, DJ Ungelvral and whatnot), got home, poured myself a whiskey and raised a glass for the great man that had passed.

I never met the man in person, but we played seven games of words with friends together and he replied twice to me on twitter. He was a great man. He will not be forgotten.

And I know this is supposed to be the 3/4-2013 but I honestly don't remember what happened then.

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  • Just played Mortal Kombat, a few rounds online.
  • Finished Infamous: Second Son last night
  • Played a lot of Resogun
  • Rouge Legacy keeps beating me up and I keep going back for more
  • Civ 5 is always calling for me
  • Helping Professor Layton and Luke solve the mystery of Pandoras Box
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I bet she will run off before the actual murdering starts

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Hmm, most recent would be last week. Told a friend that he should really play Civ 5. He was really hesitant, but early sunday he started playing it on Steam. Today, I went by his place to find out he had not slept or eaten since he started up the game. Sounds about right.

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I can not for the life of me stop playing the Green Lantern game based on the movie. I mean, I don't plat it every day, but once every two months or something I just have to sign out of psn and play some.

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Amazing Spider-Man 2, in theatres now.

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I tend to try not to flirt with the women I work with, but it's hard. I spend so much time around them, we all have our own inside jokes, we are all friends, but at this point, five of the girls I work with has admitted to having a major crush on me, and I know that if I go for one, that might cause a major shitstorm amongst them, so I prefer trying to date outside work. A lot harder to meet people that way, but at least some unlucky girl from work won't end up with me and gets mean looks from the others.

Don't shit in the company ink, or whatever.

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I was 17, just returned home from a trip to London. Went to a friend, we played Bomberman '93 for a while and he said people were coming over and asked if I would like a beer. I had never touched the stuff before, so I said yes.

Nothing eventful happened, I just walked around his place, making sure everybody at the party knew just how much I loved them. Had three beers and five shots of vodka. I also cleaned up after people who were messy (Something I never do sober).

Went home, threw up once, woke up with the worst hangover I have ever had, felt so bad about drinking below the legal age that I told my mom, she laughed. Then I ate the most delicious pizza in the world and watched Jaws with some friends.

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I really love Spiderman 2 for the Gamecube and PS2. To me, that is the best feeling Spider-Man game ever made. The swinging felt great, the fighting was decent, and I could not for the life of me stop delivering pizzas! Web Of Shadows is also great, by far the best Spider-Man game for the 360/PS3 generation.

The Soul Reaver series is also the greatest game-series ever made.