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I didn't get the weapons till the day after I started playing it and by then they were pretty much garbage. You will find better stuff two hours in.

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I loved Tiny Tina, she is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen, in my opinion at least. Had it not been for Clementine, she would be my favorite child character in any game ever.

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@neonie said:

If you place them all on the map in the mansion where the bonfires were lit up in NG+ it opens a dungeon under the cat house that is full of strippers and a Rise Kujikawa model.

No, they fixed that in the latest patch, it's NG++ now, unless you are wearing the Boots of Kick.

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Diablo III.

I own it (got it for free with the yearlong sub to WoW), I've played it for 2 hours? It just won't hype me up like Diablo 2 did, and I know that the game was sort of broken at launch and that Reaper of Souls is supposed to be great, but I just can't for the life of me double-click that icon and go back in.

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They should hunt down and capture John Vignocchi.

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Just got the first big soul. Running around as a pure melee character, was planning going magic, but I realized I barely used magic in Dark Souls.

I really had a problem at the beginning my game, because I went in as my NG+ character from Dark Souls (not the actual character of course, but the mindset of the character), expecting to one-shot everything in my way with my broken sword, forgetting I was not wielding my +5 Black Knight Halberd. Really put a dent in my progress until I found the humility I needed, until I got... scared again.

Running around with a +5 BastardSword right now, really want to use the Ultra Greatswords, because ohmygodgiantswords!!!!, but they are a bit too slow for me right now.

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I am currently rocking a +5 Bastard Sword, and it works fine. If I want something dead, it agrees. Really miss my +5 Black Knight Halberd from Dark Souls though.

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Spies= Narcs

Oh, and keep up the good work, I so can't wait to try this!

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I really want to see a Mortal Kombat 10. Scratch that, I NEED to see Mortal Kombat 10. Injustice was a great game, really loved the pacing of the combat, but less and less people are playing Mortal Kombat online and this saddens me greatly.

Street Fighter V would be great, but let's face it, that won't be coming out before at least 2018.

Can I say Peggle 2 for anything else but the XONE? I have nothing against the system, but I really want to play that, and the XONE is not slated for release before September here! I just want to play it dammit!

Far Cry 4 would be pretty great.

Fallout? Yeah, sure!

I do not see a RDR sequel happening, although, if they were to make it, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Blizzard MMO? Sure, I have some shreds of life left in these veins, before I regenerate, Doctor Who style.

And lastly:

That Spider-Man game from Hudson that we all know is coming. As always, I hope it'll be good, Spider-Man 2 or Web of Shadows style, and I will, as always buy it and believe.