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Had one funny one where Roach started spinning out of control in the background of a cut-scene. Was a pretty emotional cut-scene too, but I couldn't get into it, seeing as every time the camera focused on Geralt, all I saw was a horse helicopter in the background.

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I see both sides of this conflict, but I am personally leaning towards the modmakers getting payed.

Making a mod is a lot of work, hundreds upon hundreds of hours of someones free time goes to this. I'm not saying all mods should cost money, I would never, for instance buy the dumb mods I've gotten for Skyrim (Well, maybe the T.A.R.D.I.S. one, but certainly not the Spider-Man m... well, maybe- no. I wouldn't... I think). But things like Skywind is something I would gladly pay for, if it is a quality product.

Donations is not a stupid idea, I kind of like it, being one of the people who enjoys the occasional Humble Bundle, and it could get integrated well into the Steam store.

The biggest problem I see here is how the entire Modstore will be overrun with bad mods, by people who are looking to make a quick buck by say, making a bow called "THE EXTERMINATOR W/ 5K ARROWS" that'll kill each and every enemy in the game with one shot, raise all your stats to the maximum and make you a cup of coffee, that's a bit too watery for your taste, but you go along with it, because you paid for the damn thing.

My point is, these mods should be heavily moderated if someone wants to charge for them. Other than that, I think this is a great idea, to let more people get into development and to maybe be able to fund it, IF THE MOD IS GOOD ENOUGH!

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I don't mind summoning.

To me, the real experience is in between the bosses, the journey up to them if you will. Once I get to the boss, I usually try 5-10 times to beat it, if I'm not successful, though I usually am, after learning the tells and pacing of the battle, I will summon in someone. I don't see it as defeat, I see it as an alternative way of beating the boss.

You are not defeated until you fling the controller out the window, pee on your console and furiously trying to figure out what to have for dinner.

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@redyoshi: I figured that might be the case, thanks!

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Hey people, I was wondering.

I'm sitting here with my roommates Battlefield Hardline for the PS4. I am going to insert it and play it until he comes home later and reclaims it. I assume it installs from the disc, as most, if not all disc games tend to do these days. So, my question is. I would like to play with my roommate when he comes home, I have no chance of going downtown to get a copy of the game for myself, and our internet is not fast enough to download the entire game by the time he comes home. So, if I buy the game after having installed it from the disc, will the download potentially go faster? Or just... Trigger something that allows me to play without the disc anymore?

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What i do, but load times make it more annoying lmao. Without spoiling where can i upgrade, or will it come eventually? My weapon broke too...

Upgrades and repairing can be done in the Hunters Dream. Go up to the house and look at the tables.

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There was supposed to be a Daredevil game along with the godawful movie, it looked pretty interesting from the footage I saw.

Star Wars 1313 of course.

And that Avengers game that was supposed to come out. That had potential!

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I just finished Metal Gear Solid 4, from a save from 2011.

Although I love Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and it is my favorite game ever, I have never beaten Metal Sonic.

I spent more time on the Green Lantern videogame than I did on Mass Effect 3.

The first thing to come to mind when I heard I was being relocated for an internship from April-June, where I'm working at a hospital, helping people, was "Shit, Mortal Kombat X comes out around then", with no thought of actually improving my life and be a good student.

Not gonna mention the backlog, but there we are.

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The Green Lantern video-game, based on the movie (stay with me now) had a feature where if you made Hal Jordan spin around by spinning the analogstick, eventually he got dizzy. Not a revolutionary thing, but I really enjoyed that.

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I still think split-screen gaming is great and should stay for as long as possible. It adds a more social experience to co-op/versus if you and three friends can play Goldeneye 64 or MW2 together in one room, and I have a friend who refuses to buy a game-console, but really wants to play Resident Evil, so, since 5, we've been doing the games in split-screen (6 was really bad, but boy did the splitscreen help).