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watching that Drew/Ryan video, Ryan was a fucking star man.

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if i remember right i think it was a link that was posted in eurogamer and the first video i watched was ryan and vinny doing a kinetic game.

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I strafed to the right of him/it/her when the air attack happens witch meant the missiles went over my head. kill the first wave of spiders,if not they will join in when it respawns making it harder to avoid them.

shit what?. it's the final boss, confused ;/

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MOBA, card games are a thing again and you are just in time for the VR hype, really nothing much.

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''One of the cool things about Xbox releases is that Microsoft can double dip on sales on the PC as well, while keeping money away from Sony which ultimately ends up being great for gamers''

well ok sure, wtf...

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off to a great start then, that dragon is wearing no clothes.

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hope not. that game was so overrated it was criminal .he should of been locked up.

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I would pay over the odds for a better quality ps4 controller. better triggers. better sticks. longer battery life.

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I really liked the wednesday thing with chris waters, ya know more talking about the games and what's happening in the industry .

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Huh, modders not giant bomb moderators. Every time i saw this TT this was what i was thinking it was about.