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SERIOUSLY, give Siren: Blood Curse a try its a great game.

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gimme gimme wow it looks so good the detail on the the boss, wow. i love this art style along with the order, amazing .

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Man the space talk with drew on the elite video had me in stitches. I wonder if he thinks the world is flat or round.

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@warlordpayne: wait what the pc has a free trial, i did not know this. sweet i will give that a go, cheers.

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Im so fucking pissed at crystal dynamic and or whoever signed this deal, just when one of my fav franchises gets back on track they pull this shit been a big fan of their games since gex. this whole thing stinks for the game industry and the people who have supported the games .

Now they expect me to fork out upward of 400£ to play their game, not gonna happen sorry it was nice knowing ya lara.

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man it looks good and from what i have heard it is now a good game. i really want to give this a go on ps4 but i just dont know man, wish sony would give a free trial so i could dip my toes into.

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Sorry but they all still have their pants on, this is false advertising.

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believe it or not but i really enjoyed remember me. if one thing they can take away from that game is the game world that was definitely 5 out of 5.

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dam r.i.p dude. such a funny guy i watched mork & mindy all the time when i was younger after school it was my favorite program at the time.