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Lol... WE YOU. plus i vote as of now for @face15 new updated banners, slick an smart.

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I am going to get this no matter. I like the premise and i'm a sucker for detective style games. why is there not more types of these games, its a genre that is not over produced unless its a point & click adventure . LA Noire sort of got it right! when you first get to do the detective mode was really cool only wished they used it better in the rest of the game.

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Why is Robin disguised as that womans chest?

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Wow to everything man, what a downer video gamers have become lately.

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i watched all of rorie.

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d d downloading now it better be good . love all the wolfenstein.

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I feel sorry for letting clementine watch now, ffs kenny that was brutal. was not expecting it to be that bad but i stick by my decision.

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The Noctua NH-D14 is the best addition i have bought for my pc since i built it, excellent cooler. What is it with people butting the pc on their desk this seems insane to me.

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Not leaving till jeff fulfills his promise of all the "cool and new crazy ideas" he plans on doing for the site, that was at the beginning of the takeover. Still HERE!! unless brad plays and talks alot about DOTA was it , ARgh you bastard you fooled me.