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Im all for bringing remastered games to the new consoles its not like there is a ton of games to chose from. I rebought tomb raider for the ps4 after playing it twice on pc and had a great time playing it on the big tv while slumped on the couch, not having to worry why the performance got crappy and then finding out what i need to do to fix it, having to mess around with settings and feel like i'm missing out because i can't crank everything to 11, like hair physics i want lara to look her best without my pc taking a dump.

With it on the ps4 all i had to do is turn on tv/ps4 sit down and play and not care.

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@veektarius: This. if he was actually good at the game i would be all for it but its just so annoying watching him play, mabee give the camera to one of the other guys that would work better.

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stone cold could not find dans cheap ass bear so stole whatever he could get his hands on.

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Lock, burn this before brad gets to read it. we need to save him, though it might already be too late. if brad had a baby the first words from its mouth would not be mamma or dadda but...

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I'm a movier, I'm a shaker, I'm a giver, I'm a taker.....
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From reading the eurogamer review and from playing second son it really sounds like sucker punch have run out of ideas for this game franchise or hopefully are starting to think of their next project which is a shame cos i like infamous a lot.

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Tips imaginary hat: Deadly Premonition Endurance Runs featuring jeff & vinny infact just watch every video giant bomb has ever made.

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SERIOUSLY, give Siren: Blood Curse a try its a great game.

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gimme gimme wow it looks so good the detail on the the boss, wow. i love this art style along with the order, amazing .