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They made bad games and people didn't buy them. I don't see what the problem is.

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@onekillwonder_: Black magic pocket cinema is the best way to go on a budget. While a DSLR is great, its colorspace is terrible and its native shooting format (.h264) is horribly compressed, which means youll have to transcode your media to something more manageable as the first step in your workflow. The BMPCC shoots native ProRes which is the industry standard as well as a RAW filetype if you really want to get a look closer to what the Arri Alexa shoots. I love mine and its been used on the last few tv shows ive worked on as a secondary camera.

In english, Its a professional camera at a third of the price of a Canon DSLR.

Heres a stylized video shot with it

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Good Luck duder!

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If it was any other setting I wouldn't be too excited. All things considered, I wouldn't mind seeing this pushed to 2016

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Half Life 2 is the first game I fell asleep playing, its awful and unoriginal.

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Oh well, more time for driveclub and assassins creed.

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I just picked up a few of these, they're pretty decent and have a nice colorspace profile after some calibration. Almost as good as my apple cinema display and at a fraction of the price.

Mad Decent Monitors

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@random45: I ask myself that every time I open steam. I dont even like playing computer games but maybe if the library gets big enough ill build a pc.

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When you're ready boot up tinder and swipe right with a vengeance.

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I bought nearly 20 steam games this past sale. I have a macbook, theyre mostly windows games.

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I guess im going to stick out on this one but Being As An Ocean's newest album is pretty great. Post hardcore at its best with a bigger emphasis on spoken word and singing hooks rather than your typical Emmure drop A binary breakdowns about capcom games.