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Urgh this is the worst, I have them all stuck in my head now in some kind of horrific mash-up.

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Got my Broken Sword Trilogy. Thanks everyone =)

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In my town? Maybe if I want my house burned to the ground, or be murdered in my sleep.

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  1. The Broken Sword Trilogy
  2. Binding of Isaac
  3. The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom
  4. LA Noire
  5. Super Meatboy
  6. Toki Tori
  7. Blocks That Matter
  8. Dead Space Pack
  9. Don't Starve
  10. THQ Humble Indie Bundle

=) Thanks. I just got a new laptop (mine was stolen when someone broke into my house) and I was thinking about playing something new.

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I pressed play and I heard from upstairs "NO DON'T WATCH IT CHRISTINA" but it was too late, the video was already half way through.

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@MonetaryDread: First write a plan for each essay. If worst comes to worst and you don't get one finished you can still score points based off a plan. If the examiner can clearly see you were going to put in all the right information you can get a point or two I think. That's they told us at university anyway.

@Petiew said:

Never completely skip a question. Even bullet pointing some things quickly in 5 minutes will earn a few marks.

Intro: just rewrite the question in your own words e.g. If the question is "Ice cream is amazing. Discuss" Just write like "in this essay I will discuss why ice cream is so goddamn amazing. I wall talk about bla, bla and bla"

Bulk: spend a paragraph on each reason, once you have made your point move on! Also remember to give some different opinions too, not everyone thinks ice cream is amazing!

Conclusion: wrap it up. "Ice cream is amazing because bla, bla and bla

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I rarely eat chips but sometimes they are the only thing on a menu I can eat, like if we go to McDonalds or something (Im a veggie.) I always eat it them with sauce, salt and vinegar.

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@ThatFrood: Hahaha I know. I realised that after. Luckily I'd just put it down as a percentage anyway.

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Wow that was a long form. I had to lie in the gaming hours bit, I don't play more than 100 hours.