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My first job was when I was 16 as a cashier for Target.

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I got the ps2 very late into its life and one of the games that came with my PS2 was SWAT: Global Strike Team

Definitely feel like I was the only one to play this game.

Also this F.D.N.Y. game for the PC.

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Holy crap Jeff's writing is on point. Really impressed by it.

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I miss small business man

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I know we never saw any footage but I was pretty excited for that Resident Evil Portable game on the PSP

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After watching the VMAs with all the crazy stuff that happened and especially with the NSYNC stuff I feel like Ryan would have had so much to say about it. So yeah just wanted to share that with the community. Its funny how small things like this remind me of Ryan haha just wondering if any of you had that thought.

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Lets say they aren't like super radical in either direction just moderately conservative or liberal. Oh and who is your favorite?

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@Toxin066 said:

Vincent Caramella.