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Keep in mind that it's probably going to be quite some time before you do anything that requires more than a text a ton of money on hardware right now may not be the best investment. You may be better off waiting until you actually need all that power to back up the work that you're doing, which could likely be a couple of years down the road or more. That is, unless you're already deep into 3DS Max or something like that.


I'm in college, and was gifted a sweet gaming pc when I started. I'm only now using more sophisticated editors (and engines) that justify a beefy computer, and my old one is hella obsolete now.

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Apparently the way to check is to load skyrims launcher, and check for dawnguard.esm

That's the only place I'm listed as having it, but it seems to work. Wonder what the official word will be?

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I know you've already pulled the trigger, but I must say it's nice to have a bigger case, than a smaller one. As long as "portability" isn't a concern anyways.

I built a bunch of friends computers after mine, and I must say, My mid-sized tower is getting really cramped with a newly added, 3-slot 680.

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Just bought a 4GB GTX680. Lucky me?

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I've gotten to the point that the vast amounts of negativity on most mediums, either via voice chat, PMs, or just about any forum, when it comes to video games has shaken me to my core.

I have a legitimately hard time enjoying games the same way, because it feels like most of my peers have grown to the point where every nit pick is an assault on their entertainment, and they openly fling vitriol at one another, and towards creators.

Granted, it probably doesn't help that I spend most of my time these days doing work/school work and what little down time I have is surrounded by negativity.

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Yeah, a lot of the BF4 hype videos are actually emphasizing new gameplay elements and features. From the get go, I've been enticed by better UI, Squad controls (like bf2, where you can set an objective, and it draws a line), commander, etc.

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@oscar__explosion: Because after 9 (10?) iterations of CoD, roughly 9 BF games, and countless other shooters having just one gender*, The fact the CoD: Ghosts offers female soldiers means that DICE should have telepathically known to also implement female soldiers at the same time.

I would like to see female soldiers, and more soldier customization in general, but this thread exists purely because people like to get riled up over the latest "bandwagon outrage train" because it makes them progressive, or something.

Honestly, more shooters should have had this option by now, but this thread makes it sound like DICE is trying to push against the idea of female soldiers.

*Halo and Rainbow Six Vegas are notable exceptions.

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@ch3burashka: Yeah, I was a huge TDAR fan. Really enjoy Laser Time, but VGA actually has begun grating on my nerves lately. I really can't stand their Impressions or the way they handle "debates."

@sonicbooms: I've had issues with a lot of my other video game podcasts just getting worse. There are a few that I still love, and the Idle Thumbs podcast sticks out as a golden mention. Hearing about their crusader kings 2 game is amazing.

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Turn physx down to low or at least Medium.