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I'm new to Dark Souls, but I don't really have questions per se... it's more like I'm figuring things out on my own as I go along.

For example: I walked around for a few hours, got up to level 15 (I think) and stumbled into a forrest full of crystal/rock monsters (which look freaking amazing, by the way). While I was killing them something shot at me from miles away and after I killed all the little guys I tried to get near the thing shooting at me, which turned out to be a gigantic hydra, and realised that I'm probably too weak to face it right now. I managed to dodge most of the water projectiles or whatever that thing is shooting and decided to fall back after losing around 60% of life getting hit just once. I really enjoy the fact that you basically only die when you mess up, at least up to the point where I am right now. It's a great game (despite the nasty frame rate).

I think the trick to that fight was to get in close and dodge it when it lunged at you, then you could attack while it recovered? at least I think that's how I did it

Yep, you could have beaten him. Run in dodging the fireballs, then black/dodge his heads

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This guy. This guy knows what's up.

I loved Earthworm Jim, and didn't even KNOW there was a Genesis version.

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Somehow I miss forum arguments about which console was superior. For some reason I feel like console fanboyism picks fewer nit-picky details out of thin air than this.

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@Slaegar: What is that image from?

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As soon as Diablo III dies down. So pretty soon hopefully.

I wish this wasn't the case. I do plan on getting Diablo III, but I was kinda more excited about Torchlight 2 for some reason. Well, it is still technically summer, right?

Diablo 3 is not the Diabo 2 (or 1) you were looking for. It's fun, but even Nightmare is a hollow experience thanks to poor loot drops.

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@Snowfelhake: I've got a copy of Burnout: Paradise the ultimate box if you're interested in trading it for CoD 4

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Hey guys, first time posting on the forums. Been a big fan of Giantbomb and the podcast for a couple years now, and as of yesterday I'm studying as a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. Just wanted to know if there're any fellow sooners who are also GB fans. I've realized since coming here that you have to reach out and find the people who have similar interests and sense of humor, so if anyone is interested, I'd like to have some duders to talk to.

Boomer sooner, no. But I'm going to RSU in Oklahoma, so I'm here in spirit.

EDIT: And welcome to GiantBomb!

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So I, too, am confused at the fear (to this level ) of bats...

On a similar note, I ran over a bat a month ago on accident. Right as i pulled into my driveway he swooped under my car and i felt a small crunch. I would have felt bad were it not for the fact that JESUS HOW DID A BAT NOT HEAR MY CAR?

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For the stationary, the Hill on Caspian is great. You have one on either side of the base so you can easily shoot the tanks with an rpg, then hop on the stationary and blow them up.

For AA missiles, lock on and hold the lock. If they don't pop flares after a second, shoot once then hit reload. You can still fire the second shot after their flares dissipate, and you're read with another shot to hit them with.

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Half Life 2