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@clstirens: Joystiq and destructoid both posted articles about it.

Oh, they did? I looked but couldn't find them.

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@vegetashonor: Neither Joystiq, nor Destructoid had anything about Ryan Davis either.

I doubt it's any sort of disrespect, just a lack of knowledge. Most of them might have barely known, or never known him.

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I can't think of anything that I can truly add to this thread, except to say that Ryan was an amazing dude. I've never met him, obviously, but he, and the rest of the GB crew, have been a part of my routine for a long time.

I couldn't believe it when I first saw the PA Report article, I legit thought it was some kind of prank for the first two paragraphs.

Super sad day, duders...

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I still say "good luck, have batman" all the time in SC2.

In fact, I tend to say it in a lot of similar games.

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I know what YOU are

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@jasonr86: I fucking lost it. I was already giggling at the video (still want to play Oculus), but your comment made me laugh so hard

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Odd that this is still a sticky

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@snail: @devildoll: It usually means dev test units are made with the advertised vendor's hardware. Dice has mentioned multiple times that they are primarily using AMD rigs for in house testing (not that they won't use Nvidia hardware in QA, that would be madness).